November 28, 2023

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Rossi highlighted the state’s “commitment to public health for the benefit of the people.”

Rossi highlighted the state’s “commitment to public health for the benefit of the people.”

Agustin Rossi at an event at Posadas Hospital.//Photo by Tw@RossiAgustinOk

The Chief of Staff, Agustín Rossi, highlighted on Wednesday the State’s “commitment to public health for the benefit” of the people, by participating in a meeting at the Alejandro Posadas National Hospital, located in the Moron district of Buenos Aires. Public health advocacy.

“This law once again shows the state’s commitment to public health for the benefit of our people,” Rossi said at the event held on Wednesday at the door of the health center in the city of El Palomar in Buenos Aires.

“In these forty years of democracy, we envisioned discussing how to improve public health and we came to say that health is an essential thing,” the Chief of Staff said, stressing that “this hospital belongs to the entire Argentine society.”

Rossi pointed out:“In the majority of Argentine regions, there is only one health care provider, which is the state, whether at the national, regional or municipal level.”

On the other hand, the candidate for Vice President of the Union for the Fatherland (UxP) also stated in an electoral tone that “the right is slogan after slogan, they have cunningly lied to society as a whole.”

He added: “I want to say to the president that he says that he does not want people to learn, and that what he wants is for those who were born poor to die poor.”

He added: “Now they want to question the meaning of that memory; if so, tell them where the 400 descendants we still have to recover are.”

Rossi confirmed that:The model we support was born to ensure a model of upward social mobilityHe pointed out that “we do not want a class society, but rather we want equal opportunities between those born in a cradle of wood and those born in a cradle of gold.”

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He concluded by saying: “We will fight with all desire and with all effort, and we will represent the militants of 1945, those who led Perón’s return from exile, with a strength of 30 thousand, to fight from house to house and from city to city.” Administrator.

Also speaking at the event were Carla Visotti, the country’s Minister of Health; Adrian Tardetti, CEO of Posadas Hospital; Rodolfo Aguiar, Secretary-General-elect of the National Association of State Workers (ATE); Lucas Guy, Mayor of Morón.

ATE Morón’s Secretary General, Dario Silva, was also on stage.