November 30, 2023

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The Michelin Guide expands its map

The Michelin Guide expands its map

The French tire manufacturer makes its debut in Argentina, during its return to Brazil.

He is Don Julio One of Buenos Aires’ first Michelin stars, or why not, the first two stars in this vibrant gastronomic destination? The French guide’s new destination has been confirmed this summer: it Landing in Argentina for the first timez in history will give rise to the first collection of restaurants for the city of Buenos Aires and Mendoza, with a digital-only version, which will be presented on November 24.

Even the local press is placing its bets, aware of course that there are Argentine chefs with businesses in other parts of the world who are already stars. This is the situation Mauro ColagrecoHe was born in Cordoba and has several characteristics, including the triple Mirazur, His mother’s home is in Menton, on the Côte d’Azur. Spain has four star Argentine chefs: paolo aerodo, In Amelia of San Sebastian; Mauricio GiovanninI, in Marbella Messina; And Germán Carrizo and Carito Lourençoin Valencia Fierro.

“One before and one after”

In any case, for Argentine restaurants, there was a starting signal that could represent a turning point for the global vision of their market: the event announced its launch, held in July with Elizabeth Boucher Anselin, Director of Global Communications at the Michelin Guideand the Argentine Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matias Lammens. “It represents a before and after, both for our gastronomy and for Argentine tourism. We are working together between the public and private sectors so that our country becomes the leading gastronomic destination in Latin America and one of the most attractive countries in the world,” the minister said at the time. Proof of that. “I have no doubt that this path we are taking with the guide will be a milestone that will last for many decades.”

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As for the stars that the guide’s arrival in the country may mean, the complexes indicate works such as Don JulioPablo Rivero’s steak barbecue restaurant in the Palermo neighborhood – the only Argentinian on the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world -, Krizia or Aramburu, in Buenos Aires; Or wineries with restaurants in Mendoza, such as House of Vigil or Infinity Stone, From Zuccardi – which has been ranked first in the World’s Best Vineyards rankings for three years with The World’s Best Vineyards -.

Thus, the new edition will join the Travelers’ Guide created by the brothers in 1900 André and Edouard Michelin They point out that it is currently present in more than 40 destinations, a number that has been reached “with the addition of many new destinations to the Michelin Guide family in recent months, such as Argentina, Vietnam and new cities in the United States or Asia.” Tire manufacturer sources.

If the Argentine version were to be presented at the end of November, this would mean that the guide would have to be close to closing, because using the estimates that are usually applied to the Spanish market, around the end of September and the beginning of October. This is the time when the guide, which is usually presented at the end of November – in some years during the pandemic it was released in December – closes. Chefs know this well and adjust the moves or openings until summer as a deadline so that inspectors can visit their places.

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Don Julio Grill Restaurant in Buenos Aires.

With uniform standards in all countries that value cuisine and restaurant service, it is always the identical version for the following year. and that is, Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal 2024 It will be announced at an annual ceremony that will be held this year in Barcelona on November 28, four days after the premiere of the Argentine guide.


Regarding who anonymously visited Argentinian restaurants, Michelin sources explained to EXPANSIÓN that “for all our restaurant selections, the international team of inspectors, which includes Spaniards and many other nationalities, will make the Argentine selection. As usual, it will follow the global methodology of the Michelin Guide when evaluating Restaurants in Buenos Aires and Mendoza.” Just as a Spanish inspector in recent years could visit a German or Italian table, a Belgian can stop at a restaurant in Madrid or Barcelona. So, is it possible that there are reviewers from the Spanish team who reviewed Don Julio’s restaurant? That could be the case, although it’s not something Michelin can confirm given the secrecy of its rating system. Does the launch of the Argentine version mean a reorganization of the work of Spanish inspectors? “We are launching a A selection of restaurants from the Michelin Guide in Buenos Aires and Mendoza For the quality and maturity of the gastronomic scenes. These two destinations have been on the international team of inspectors’ radar several times, and they were recently impressed with the restaurants they were able to find there. This is the only reason the guide traveled to Argentina,” say sources from the French group.

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Another novelty in Latin American gastronomy is… Return guide in Brazil, a country where I stopped publishing nearly four years ago. “We are working in this direction, because the food scenes in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo deserve to be highlighted,” they admitted weeks ago. Something that has now been confirmed: “The Michelin Guide will resume updating its selections of restaurants in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. While they were suspended at the end of 2020, the new selections will be presented in March 2024 in a way that has not yet been determined.” Announced,” the French company explained on September 1.