July 2, 2022

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Netflix 'Halftime': Jennifer Lopez Documentary Also Featuring Ben Affleck

Netflix ‘Halftime’: Jennifer Lopez Documentary Also Featuring Ben Affleck

Relationship Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck He keeps giving what to talk about and more after knowing that the actor will be a part of the documentary “half time” or “half time”, in Spanish, from NetflixWhich deals with the important moments in the career of his fiancĂ©e.

Presented at the superb 2020 Super Bowl, the premiere of his movie “Wall Street Hustlers” and more, this production highlights all the important moments and also the most embarrassing moments.

For example, show frustration Jennifer Lopez By not receiving a nomination for the aforementioned film, he admitted that he was not considered in Hollywood. The video posted by Netflix shows Ben Affleck asking her if it bothers her, to which she replies, “I expected it.”

Although there are not many details about this documentary, the platform only revealed it “half time” The show will start on June 14th.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged for the second time

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged again. After breaking up two decades ago, the Hollywood singer and actor decided to take this important step again.

According to the newsletter On the JLo, the “On the floor” translator sent a message to her followers in which she commented on how happy she was with Affleck and showed off a green ring: “You’re perfect,” she said in a nod. to her groom.

As you may remember, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got engaged in 2004, but they broke up due to work reasons. After some time, the actor married Jennifer Garner and had three children with her. While the artist married Marc Anthony and had twins.

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Although they took different paths, they always maintained this bond of friendship. They openly supported each other. A source said, “They’re both super secure in their relationship and Ben adores it. She’s really meant to be and everyone around them thinks they’re a perfect match.” And! News.

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