July 2, 2022

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Interim loan on real estate assets for commercial or inheritance companies

Interim loan on real estate assets for commercial or inheritance companies

For years, many organizations have Getting loans in conventional banking To be able to finance itself, restructure its debt and even improve liquidity in difficult times. However, over the years, obtaining a loan is an increasingly difficult and slow process, which means that companies have Problems such as accumulating debt or losing investments.

in this situation, Leah Capital AM It was presented as Effective, fast and safe solution To obtain financing for real estate, corporate or inheritance assets that require greater liquidity through a bridge loan.

One of the best alternatives to real estate development

In the real estate industry, bridge loan appears as one of the most valuable solutions for the development of this sector, as it represents The source of funding allocated to promoters for the implementation of new projects.

After the real estate crisis in 2008, banking entities ceased to provide liquidity for the purchase of land, as well as other aspects associated with the start of new construction. This situation has led to the emergence of alternative financing methods that will allow the real estate sector to continue to develop. An example is the bridge loan.

This type of credit currently represents A channel to obtain liquidity and thus achieve the development of promotions without inconveniencewhile the promoter awaits approval of a new long-term loan.

Basically, its function is to cover the credit deficit, which has allowed it to consolidate itself as An effective and fast alternative that is gaining increasing popularity in the real estate industry and other sectors which require the entry of funds into their balances to restructure their operations.

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Leah Capital AM, an expert in alternative financing solutions

In 2015, just six years after the crisis, with the bank’s restructuring and its funding constraints in the real estate market, Leah Capital AM presents itself as one of the alternative financing platforms focused on leading the real estate sector, providing, Numerous advantages of having access to different types of corporate loans.

One of its most unique services is Bridging loan for residential, retail, hotel and logistics assets, among other sectorsAvailable for the entire national territory.

As experts in the alternative finance sector, Leah Capital AM has focused on simplifying the process of obtaining a bridge loan, eliminating the long wait and multiple requirements of conventional banks. In addition, it provides companies in any sector the opportunity Get cash quickly, safely and easily.

Its operating methodology based on flexibility, transparency and professionalism has made Leah Capital AM its home player Necessary in the market, contribute to Gradually revitalize the economy throughout European territory.