October 18, 2021

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Netflix wasn’t the first to actually adapt the anime and that’s the proof

This video some fans made about a potential Cowboy Bebop movie project saved us

Lots of anime and manga We want to see it on the big or small screen With real actors playing our favorite characters, there is always an interest to see how they will be played. however, Our experiences in this regard have been mixed At the reception, where there were great tweaks and some we like to forget.

With everything and that, to this day This kind of modified business generates a great illusion For the audience, because it’s a way to be able to make the shadow of the chain even bigger. Today we will deal with an anime that was originally an anime. we Talking about cowboy bebop, with the news that Netflix was about to make an adaptation In fact, this year started great importance.

The thing, it is clear, Fans of this type of content usually carry out all kinds of projects To be able to unleash their imagination or even as a way to promote themselves and grow as artists. Today we come to try In case Rogue Origin moviesA studio that produces short films and video clips that unleash true action Our favorite series.

To his credit, this study, which has Your own YouTube channel with all the videos installedShow different license mods like Naruto or Street Fighter. Taking advantage of the draw that Cowboy Bebop had this year he wanted Showcase your own version of the title’s live event, which leaves us with this impressive result last March.

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And the truth is said The result was so amazing And certainly with more time and budget, they can do something more exciting. From here we look forward to The official Netflix adaptation that looks so good Little has been shown, but for now we make use of these kinds of items to whet our appetites.

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