December 4, 2021

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New World received an update that made it even more difficult

New World received an update that made it even more difficult


by: Nicholas Vasquez | 11-24-21

new world It was launched in September and very quickly managed to amass thousands of players on its servers. However, not everything is positive since mediaI had a series of problems that turned into a headache. When it was believed that everything was going well, the developers made a decision that made the players a little uncomfortable.

What happened is that the update was launched a day ago called in the void, which brought with it new weapons, enemies, and changes to the overall balance of the experience. The aim of this new patch was to improve the gameplay and provide unprecedented opportunities for players to explore.

Inadvertently, the patch also showed increased difficulty in end-game clips. In this way, level 60 players found themselves in a bind as they tried to deal with sections and enemies that had not been more challenging just days before. As a result, society is devastated.

Players’ dissatisfaction was reflected in the qualification game on Steam, Which witnessed casualties during the past days. The discomfort of players is due to the fact that the increase in difficulty was not reflected in the patch notes, nor did the title add stronger enemies, rather that Amazon chose to improve on existing high-level threats.

as explained by Kotaku GateThe developers already have knowledge of these numbers and are analyzing how to solve them.

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