July 14, 2024

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New Zealand beat France to win Olympic gold

New Zealand beat France to win Olympic gold

New Zealand has confirmed that the seventh Olympic gold medalist, Rio 2016, who beat France at the Tokyo Stadium, will not have a heart attack again.

The Black Ferns Sevens, who lost the gold medal game to Australia five years ago, talked about their desire to excel in Tokyo, and captain Sarah Hirini helped Michael Fly make a good departure.

With New Zealand leading 19-5 at the break, Gayle Bratton gave a fantastic end to the left corner before Stacy Fuller left in the dying minute of the first half.

Anne-Cecil Siofoni scored the seventh attempt of the game to take France to seventh early in the second half, but Dilla Nathan-Wang secured the gold medal.

Despite the defeat, France, who only qualified for the World Rugby Sevens last month, can be proud of winning the silver medal at the Tokyo Stadium.

The symbol of Fiji is beautiful bronze

New Zealand recorded their place in the gold medal race, with Fitzgerald’s extraordinary 22-17 loss after a sudden-death overtime, with Bratton touching to win one of the top seven of all time.

France, meanwhile, thanked Sio ofani Brace for beating Great Britain 26-19 in the second semi-final for medals.

Fiji recovered from the disappointment and won the first Women’s Olympic medal, and for the third time defeated Great Britain 21-12 in the bronze medal match.

Great Britain dominated the first half, but Aloha Nakoshi scored two brilliant attempts to beat them 14-0.

Megan Jones then gave the GP team confidence, but Rejeka Ulunisov scored on the eighth attempt to give Fijiana an unassailable lead. Jones touched back in the final, but it was no more than comfort.

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