June 28, 2022

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New Zealand plans to stop using the nickname of all whites

New Zealand considers dropping the nickname of all whites

The national football team may drop its war name as part of a cultural diversity review

Nickname of All whites (All white) used National selection Football New Zealand May be removed as part of a collective review of the country’s cultural diversity.

The nickname refers to the full white uniform National selection Masculinity was used for the first time during the successful classification campaign New Zealand For the 1982 World Cup in Spain. National selection Also known as black rugby All blacks (Everything is black).

Reports on New Zealand The nickname of the men’s football team is called the women’s team Football Ferns (Ferns, from the leaf armor on their uniforms) – One of the many features of the game that is valued by the country’s governing body.

“Like many national companies, New Zealand football Is on a journey of respecting cultural content and principles You are Trinity Or HoldingThe federation said New Zealand In a statement, it refers to the agreement between the British Crown and its leaders Maori Signed in 1840.

“As part of our delivery and sustainability program announced last year, we have been working with stakeholders and those outside of football to inspect all areas of the company and ensure that they are in line with the objective of 2021 and beyond.

“It’s too early to talk about results, but it’s important work because we are trying to be the most inclusive game in Aotearoa.”

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The Canterbury Crusaders, the New Zealand rugby team, turned their ridges into a hub at 2019 with a knight wielding his sword. Maori In order to answer the question of whether references to wars between Muslims and Christians are relevant.

Teams in the American Games have already undergone name changes, with Washington in the NFL and Cleveland in the MLB removing nicknames hurtful by Native Americans.