June 23, 2024

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New Zealand draw 13-13 with South Africa in Rugby Championship M20

New Zealand draw 13-13 with South Africa in Rugby Championship M20

New Zealand And South Africa was constructed 13-13 In the opening game Rugby Championship M20. With adverse weather conditions, the Baby Blacks and Junior Boks could not make the difference and were down Bhumitas in stages. I enjoyed the game again Star+.

Competition in Sunshine Coast Stadium marked by climatic conditions. Intermittent heavy storms made the hand difficult and flooded the field, making the match complicated for both the teams. After half an hour of play, New Zealand were able to open the scoring with an accessible penalty from their fullback. Isaac Hutchinson. Those were the only points of the first half, which concentrated most of the action in the middle of the court.

Chances of scoring were few and far between for both teams. At the end of the first half, the men in black were awarded a penalty on the 5 meter line under the posts but they wanted to try with the scrum, which they excelled at, but they were done. Loses the ball. After that action, in the last game, the Baby Blacks kicker managed to increase the margin with a shot that was accessible to the posts, but he missed his shot and they went into halftime with a 3-0 partial score.

The filling started smoothly. A rain break made the game possible and both the teams started to open up the ball, which gave the match some dynamism. After 10 minutes, Stanley Solomon A good joint play, crowned by a great jump Rico Simpson. The baby Boks reacted quickly and increased their pressure. Tyler Sefour He scored the first points for the Africans with a penalty shortly after taking on the New Zealanders. Joel Leotlela A reception error in the Kiwis line resulted in him leveling the scores with a try. Sephor finished the game with seven points and put the Green team ahead on the scoreboard for the first time in the game.

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The Africans’ dominance was total for a good stretch of the game and they increased the advantage with another shot against the goalposts from the opener. With 10 minutes remaining, the Africans missed a penalty that would have meant victory and in the next game, J.F. Van Herten I saw the yellow card. The New Zealanders capitalized on the numerical advantage to level the scores with a try Frank Venuku On the flag. In time, the Africans were awarded a penalty in their field of play, but from the bench they chose to finish the game instead of trying to progress with the kick and seal the final result. 13-13.


New Zealand (13):1- Will Martin, 2- Vernon Payson (catch), 3- Joshua Smith, 4- Tom Allen, 5- Liam Jack, 6- Andrew Smith, 7- Johnny Lee, 8- Malachy Rambling, 9- Ben O’Donovan, 10- Cooper Grant, 11- Stanley Solomon, 12- Xavi Daley, 13- Aki Tuwailala, 14- Frank Venuku, 15- Isaac Hutchinson.

They entered: 16 A-One Lolofie, 17- Senio Sanele, 18- Kurene Luamanuvae, 19- Cam Christie, 20- Mosese Bason, 21- Dylan Pledger, 22- Rico Simpson, 23- Josh Whaanga.

Trainer: Chris Boyd.

South Africa (13): 1- Ruan Swart, 2- Juan Small, 3- Zachary Porton (C), 4- Thomas Dyer, 5- Adam de Waal, 6- Sibabalwe Mahashe, 7- Bathobele Hleghani, 8- Thean Jacobs, 9- Asad Moose, 10 – Tyler Sefur, 11- Lidelihle Bester, 12- Bruce Sherwood, 13- Jurenzo Julius, 14- Joel Liotlela, 15- Michael Damon.

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They entered: 16- Ethan Bester, 17- Mbasa Maqubela, 18- Reno Hirst, 19- JF van Heerden, 20- Thabang Mphafi, 21- Ezekiel Ngobeni, 22- Thurlon Williams, 23- Joshua Boulle.

Trainer: Bafana NHL.

First Half Scores: 30′ Penalty converted by Isaac Hutchinson (NZ).

Part Result: New Zealand 3-0 South Africa

Second Half Points: 53′ Attempt by Stanley Solomon (NZ), 57′ Penalty converted by Tyler Sefour (SA), 59′ Attempt converted by Joel Liotlela (SA), 63′ Penalty converted by Tyler Sefour (SA), 77′ Attempt. Frank Venuku (NZ).

Final Score: New Zealand 13-13 South Africa

warned: 72′ JF van Heerden (SA).

Basketball court: Sunshine Coast Stadium, Queensland.

Referee: Jordan Kaminsky (Australia)