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New Zealand enters prison after infection confirmed

New Zealand enters prison after infection confirmed

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New Zealand has ordered a new prison term for the first three days after February 28, following the discovery of a case of Govt-19. In other news, the US government plans to add a third dose of the vaccine to its immunization campaign and authorities in Japan have extended the state of emergency until September 12, including seven more provinces.

While some countries have begun to relax restrictions due to the ceasefire caused by the mass vaccine, others are fighting against the advancement of the delta variant, which is far more contagious than the original version of Govit-19.

According to Ever World’s data, 669,682 new corona virus infections were reported in the past day, bringing the total number of infections worldwide to more than 208 million. In addition, there are 4.37 million deaths, of which 9,464 were reported on August 17th.

According to the Immunization Campaign, 31.7% of the world’s population has received at least one dose of the anti – viral vaccine. A total of 4.76 billion doses are administered worldwide and approximately 37.05 million are used per day. However, in countries with limited resources, only 1.3% have received the vaccine.

This Tuesday, August 17, the best news about the global emergency is:

  • New Zealand controls its population after an epidemic report

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Artern has ordered the country to be jailed for three days after reports of the first outbreak of the disease by Govt-19 from February 28. However, the country’s most populous cities, Auckland and the Coromandel, will serve seven days of isolation because the victim, a 58-year-old man, has been in those two places in recent days.

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With only 2,926 infections and 26 deaths since the first corona virus infection was reported in the region, the country’s handling of the epidemic has been commended on different occasions.

  • Cuba has surpassed the record for epidemics in a single day

The island recorded 9,772 infections through Covit-19 in the past day, a record number since the first case was reported in the country, thus surpassing the 9,747 infections recorded on August 1st. This was confirmed by the island’s Ministry of Public Health on Tuesday.

As a result, there are 536,609 SARS-Cov-2 infections in Cuba. There are currently 44,158 active cases, of which 115 are critical patients and 345 are critical patients. However, 48,254 people have symptoms associated with the virus and are therefore under epidemiological surveillance. In addition, 4,156 people died, up from 68 on the most recent day.

In the Caribbean, 11.6 million doses of corona virus vaccine have been administered and 3.04 million people have been fully vaccinated. It covers 26.8% of the 11 million population. Meanwhile, health officials are continuing tests with the Abdala and Sovereign 02 vaccine.

  • Peru is preparing for its fifth ‘vaccine’

The fifth ‘vaccination’ will take place next weekend in Lima and 16 regions, according to the Peruvian Ministry of Health. The goal is to vaccinate 600,000 people over the age of 38 against Govt-19.

However, in areas with small populations, people over the age of 18 can also be vaccinated. This group includes overweight people over 50, women over 28 weeks pregnant and people with serious illnesses.

According to Ever World in Data, more than nine million doses have been administered in the Incas, and more than six million people have received full regulation. In terms of infections, more than two million people are affected by the disease and 197,000 die.

  • The United States plans to add a third dose to the vaccine schedule

Joe Biden’s government is preparing to prescribe a third dose of the corona virus vaccine, as cases have increased due to the arrival of delta variants in the region. The dose is administered eight months after a person receives the initial full treatment.

The North American nation has a successful vaccination campaign. According to Ever World’s data, 198 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, while 169 million people have been fully vaccinated, or 51.4% of its total population.

Patients wait in line to receive a swap test at the COVID-19 mobile testing site run by the Manatee County Florida Health Department in Palmetto, Florida, USA on August 2, 2021. © OCTAVIO JONES – REUTERS

However, there have been 37 million reported cases in the United States since the outbreak, of which 252,369 were reported on Monday. In addition, more than 622,000 deaths have been reported from the virus.

  • The state of emergency in Japan has been extended to September 12

The decision comes as re-escalation of lawsuits ahead of the Olympic Games and Paralympics in Tokyo from August 24 to September 5 and has been banned by the public there.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihit Suka speaks at a press conference announcing the extension of the state of emergency for the Kovit-19 epidemic on August 17, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan.
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihit Suka speaks at a press conference announcing the extension of the state of emergency for the Kovit-19 epidemic on August 17, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. © Reuters

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Shuka has explained that the situation is “getting worse” with the advent of delta diversity in Japan. Infections have been on the rise ever since. In the last 24 hours, 14,922 new infections have been reported, adding a total of 1.16 million corona virus cases.

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