June 16, 2024

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New Zealand establishes prison due to progress of Govt-19 News

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacintha Artern announced the establishment of a national prison on Tuesday after reporting the first case of the corona virus without infection for six months.

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“The best thing we can do to get out of this quickly is to push ourselves,” Artern said. The move could be extended to at least three days from Wednesday, while Auckland and the Coromandel will be closed for a week.

Similarly, the Prime Minister stressed that the move was taken on the basis that “it is better to start at a height and lower the levels instead of going down, without controlling the virus and seeing how fast it moves”.

The Ministry of Health has reported five new social cases of delta variation and more than 23 exposure events. In a statement, the company said, “We obtained the results of the genetic sequence for Case A. It is a delta variant. We are conducting a more detailed analysis to see how it relates to cases we know of.”

A total of 2,926 infections and 26 deaths from the corona virus have been reported in New Zealand since the outbreak. In terms of vaccination rate against the virus, 1,619,943 individuals received at least one dose, while 934,207 completed the vaccine.

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