August 19, 2022

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New Zealand: How much does it cost to live in the Colombian peso?  - More Regions - International

New Zealand: How much does it cost to live in the Colombian peso? – More Regions – International

If you are planning to move to New Zealand, it is important to consider the lifestyle of the area.. For this reason, we are talking here about key aspects such as housing, food and transportation in the country of the sea.

New Zealand has recently attracted the attention of young people It is classified as a country with excellent quality of life and opportunities for business growth.

Honestly, Its minimum wage is one of the highest in the world. By 2022, it will be established at $ 3,419, equivalent to 8,930,821 Colombian pesos, for employees working eight hours a day and 40 hours a week five days a week.

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How much does a home cost?

For apartment and housing problems, The budget depends on what you are looking for and the city you want to live in.

For example, if you are a student or you are not yet looking for your own place, the option to rent a room in a house is, according to the internet portal ‘Experience of the Nomads’ a cheaper version for around 150 NZD. (Dollar New Zealand), which is equivalent to 391 thousand Colombian pesos.

Now, if you want to rent an apartment with a room for you, ‘Nambio’ Media, which specializes in getting quotes from different countries, rates if you are interested in finding a good area of ​​Wellington’s capital. New Zealand, You can pay about 2,251 NZD per month, which equates to 5,879,871 Colombian pesos.

For example, if you are planning to move to a larger location in the center of the city, you should take into account that the rent will cost about 3,600 NZD, which is slightly more than 9 million 400 thousand Colombians. Bezos.

However, there are much cheaper prices for places that are not in the city center or in other cities.

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How much does food cost?

At this point it depends on whether you want to eat in restaurants or market in one of the New Zealand chain stores because one option is much cheaper than the other for a long time.

If this is the case, for example, ‘Nomad Experience’ provides a value-finding list of certain products that are part of the weekly market.

For example, A dozen eggs have a value of 7 NZD, which is slightly more than 18 thousand COP (Colombian pesos).; A liter of milk is 2.10 NZD, or slightly more than 5 thousand COP; A kilo of rice is 3.32 NZD, or about 9 thousand COP and a kilo of meat is 20.50 NZD, or 52 thousand COP.

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The value of the goods will vary depending on the season and the place where they are purchased.

The value of fruits, for example, depends on the time of year. Because in some seasons they are produced better than others.

However, there is an option to eat at restaurants and try local dishes. The budget offered by ‘Nambio’ is 100 NZD for a three-course dinner for two in a good place, which is 261,211 COP.

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How much does transportation cost?

Like other countries, if possible, Where you live near where you study or work, you can cycle around -It has most New Zealand cities- or livestock designated locations.

However, there is a public transportation system in the country where the value of the buses is 2.20 NZD, which is 5,700 COP, although fares vary depending on the city and bus company you are in. Where do you decide to go.

New Zealand

There are many public transport options in the country.

Except for buses, In New Zealand, people can use trains, boats and cable cars to get around.

Other important expenses

If you intend to live in this country, keep in mind that you will also have costs such as your telephone network or your home internet.

The value of the money you spend on this, again, depends on what kind of services you want to hire. If owning the Internet is a simple project, there are companies that offer some from 80 NZD, which is slightly more than 208 thousand COP.

For your mobile plan, some companies offer plans starting at 40 NZD per month, which is a little more than 104 thousand pesos, however there are some cheaper options if you do not want to have more mobile data capacity.


The price of projects depends on the ability you choose for your website.

Finally, another cost gym you might be interested in is the subscription. There are many options for this value because there are usually companies with more machines, so they are more expensive; However, you can also find options for 20 NZD per month, which is slightly more than 50 thousand COP.

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So, do you want to live in New Zealand?

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