August 8, 2022

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Students in Lebanon enter a critical phase amid the collapse

BEIRUT, June 25 (PRINSA LATINA) Students in Lebanon today enter the crucial stage with the start of final exams for the 2021-2022 school year, amid the economic and financial collapse.

According to the Director of Primary Education at the Ministry of Education, George Daoud, the number of students in government schools for the ending academic year reached 334,802, despite intermittent strikes in teacher associations and contractors.

The Acting Minister of Education, Abbas Al-Halabi, through his Twitter account, thanked the workers in the sector for organizing this national event in pursuit of the future of the students.

Minister Al-Halabi explained that the exams scheduled throughout the country until July 2 constitute a national assessment station and an essential stage for Lebanon and education in particular, after the continuing effects on salaries, subsidies and transportation.

The United Nations revealed last week that more than 65,000 boys and 70,000 girls are struggling to get an education in Lebanon, mainly due to economic vulnerability and child labour, while 43 percent of migrant children are not enrolled in schools.

Similarly, the multilateral organization stressed that 350,000 children are in need of protection services as a result of the deteriorating socio-economic situation and the lack of basic goods and social services.

Last May, the Center for Educational Research and Development indicated that the educational portfolio will be one of the biggest victims of the collapse that has plagued the country for more than two years.

The Lebanese Constitution stipulates that basic education is free and compulsory for all minors without discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, or sect.

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In this sense, every Lebanese child is required to attend public schools from the first day of the school year until the age of 16, and those who suffer from a health, physical, psychological or social behavioral problem are exempt.

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