June 20, 2024

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New Zealand is a largely surviving country in global decline

(ETX Daily Up) – Celebrating Overshoot Day on Thursday, a new study has identified the most flexible locations during the world’s major economic or climate downturn. Islands with temperate climates and small populations such as Iceland or New Zealand top the list.

“Since its inception, human civilization has been experiencing a continuing path of ever-increasing socio-political crisis, which has recently accelerated dramatically.

Overshoot Day, which falls on Thursday, July 29, this year, is a strong sign of this threat because it marks the expiration date of all the resources the planet can produce in a year.

According to the authors of this study, the recession can manifest itself in a number of ways: a major financial crisis, a natural disaster, a more serious epidemic than Govit-19 … or a combination of all these factors.

A dark opportunity, but the beginning we can already see. Around the world, natural disasters (fires, floods, hurricanes) are intensifying, and water shortages often occur. Of course, not forgetting the health crisis facing the world for a year and a half.

Yet some countries can perform better than others. These works published in the newspaper prove this Consistency New Zealand, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Tasmania and Ireland are pointed out as the most appropriate places in the world to escape from global social decline.

This new research is based on the resultsUniversity of Notre Dame – Global Adaptation Code “ (ND-GAIN) 2015, which evaluates and ranks all countries based on their impact and readiness for future climate change. Countries were evaluated according to various criteria, including their ability to produce food for their people, maintaining the power grid, and a specific productivity.

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New Zealand: An example to follow?

New Zealand is the biggest winner in this ranking. This island state of Oceania has the greatest potential for survival due to its geothermal and hydroelectric power, abundant agricultural land and low population density.

Other islands with temperate climates and low population densities have similar resilience. This is especially true of Ireland, Iceland and Tasmania, an island state located in the southeast of the country.

The United Kingdom, in addition to its island character, is included in the rankings. This dense country, which currently produces only 50% of its food, has significant regression capabilities, “but the picture is very complex and its properties are not overall favorable,” scientists behind the study believe.

“Areas that do not experience the most obvious consequences of social decline are described as‘ survivors ’for human populations during the fall, especially thanks to the sustainability of agriculture,” the report says.