July 1, 2022

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New Zealand people protest against compulsory vaccination | News

Protests in New Zealand this Thursday against the crackdown on Govt-19 sparked clashes between law enforcement and the public, with about 120 people arrested.

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The police banned to conduct demonstrations in the capital of France

Hundreds of people have been protesting for two days on the parliament premises. Based on the police intervention, two attacks on police officers have been reported.

A key feature of the demonstrations was the compulsory vaccination of the Govt to serve in areas such as health, education, police and the armed forces.

Mobiles also reject the mandatory vaccination test for attending sporting events, restaurants and religious activities.

“The police recognize the right of the people to protest, but it must be done in a way that does not unjustly affect the entire public,” said Wellington Police Commander Corey Barnell.

In turn, he pointed out that the protests could last for two more days. For this reason, about 150 reinforcement agencies have been deployed with 900 troops already at the scene.

According to Barnell, “This is a national operation and the police will use this evidence from a police perspective.”

Protests against the need for compulsory vaccination to take certain measures are spreading to other countries, such as France and Canada. In most struggles, police intervention does not take long.

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