May 17, 2022

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New Zealand pledges aid to Tonga after eruption and tsunami | Multimedia

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacintha Artern has promised her country’s assistance to Tonga after a volcanic eruption aboard the submarine Hanga – Tonga – Hunga – habai this Saturday. Large size.

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The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued

At a press conference, the New Zealand Prime Minister stressed that his country would begin to get closer to US $ 340,000 in aid and that his government was waiting for what Tonga needed.

In addition, the head of the New Zealand government announced that a national maritime patrol aircraft was carrying out surveillance missions on climate change and was considering deploying a warship if necessary.

Ordern stressed that his country could repair the fiber optic cable used for communications if needed by the Tongan government, which was apparently damaged by the incident.

The eruption of the volcano, 65 km from Tongatabu (the main island of the country), caused waves several meters high, penetrated the sea and spewed ash to a height of 20 km.

No official figures have been released on the number of casualties, deaths or injuries as ties with Tonga have been affected.

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Countries such as Peru, Ecuador, the United States, Chile and Japan have issued warnings for a good portion of the coastline bordering the Pacific Ocean, and their citizens should stay away from the coast.

However, despite the strength of the incident and the magnitude of the unleashed sea movements, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has ruled out such incidents.