May 20, 2024

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New Zealand presented its new AC75 for the Copa America

New Zealand presented its new AC75 for the Copa America

AC75 was transferred to the Wynyard Point site where its rig and rigging were tested in preparation for its launch and maiden voyage to sea.

“It's always the most important moment for any team. “Your race boat leaves the shipyard and sees the light of day for the first time.” Kevin Shoebridge, Chief Operating Officer, New Zealand Emirates Team.

“These moments are the most revealing in any campaign. Any America's Cup campaign takes place behind closed doors and in great secrecy to protect designs and plans, but there always comes a time when you have to show off some of your cards. While what we revealed today isn't all of our cards, it certainly gives everyone a hint of our design lineup.” gives.

The vessel was previously transported under cover of darkness from the group's North Shore construction site to the Vineyard Point site, where an intensive fitting program was carried out.

“We've long been aiming for today's date on the calendar to get the boat ready for rigging, and reaching these important milestones is always essential, and it requires enormous commitment, dedication and hard work. All part of the team.

It's a proud day, but we still have a lot to climb in the next 7 months to successfully defend the Copa America in October, so we have a lot more to do and as a team we're looking forward to it.”Shoebridge said.

For now, the team continues to prepare Boat 3 for its launch, christening ceremony and fine-tuning.