May 20, 2024

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Woman receives cell phone bill worth more than $15,000 after trip to Central America – Telemundo 52

Woman receives cell phone bill worth more than $15,000 after trip to Central America – Telemundo 52

José Miguel, 18, is the pride of the family. His aunt, Maria Armijo, says her nephew received a 95 percent scholarship to Florida, and to reward his achievements she decided to add his cell phone to his T-Mobile account.

Armijo says her account included free international calls, but in November, after a trip by Jose Miguel to Honduras, she received a statement from T-Mobile with charges that left her breathless.

“$15,875,” said Armijo, who was paralyzed when she saw the number.

After seeing the amount, he said he tried calling T-Mobile, and they told him not to worry because it was a system error.

“They told me, 'Don't worry, it's a bug in the system,'” Armijo said.

He remembers that when they told him this, he thought everything would be resolved, but a whole month passed, and the balance was not corrected. On the contrary, the debt started generating interest, so I decided to call again.

“Every time I called, it was like it was a new call, explaining the same thing again, the same thing, and by then, I was already desperate, I was already frustrated,” Armelo said.

The woman added: “They started that now we have to investigate, same thing again. Already on January 14, I more or less said no, and sent you an email with all the information I needed, so you could help me.

When he called the Telemundo 52 Responde team, the bill was more than $17,800, so we contacted T-Mobile to ask them to take care of the case.

For their part, phone company employees expressed their gratitude that the Telemundo Responde52 team informed them of the situation and assured us that their customer service team had reached out to Armijo and resolved his issue.

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“They called me the next day,” Armijo said, to make sure they quickly took the balance off his account.

On the other hand, Armijo remembers that they eventually told him to “apologize and if there is anything else.” [podían] Do' “.

Upon hearing that word, she says she felt relieved and grateful that her problem had been solved.

“What happiness, what peace,” Armijo said.