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Sander Alex: Find out who the Peruvian “guitar hero” is

Sander Alex: Find out who the Peruvian “guitar hero” is

Sander Alex is a prominent guitarist in the Peruvian rocket scene

Great talent, charisma and simplicity characterize the career of Sander Alex, the national guitarist who currently leads one of the guitars in the famous heavy rock band Devonia This also left the audience open mouthed at Megadeth's show on April 6.

Devonia is Rock band Hailing from Peru, she is known for her energy on stage and her mix of sounds ranging from hard rock to alternative metal. It was founded in 2003 in Lima, the country's capital, and has since gained popularity not only in its native country but also in the Latin American rock scene.

with Musical career At the age of 15, Sander had the honor of recording in the most prestigious studios and sharing the stage with famous artists. His versatility has led him to excel in bringing musicality to theatrical, television and theatrical productions in Peru and throughout Latin America.

Sander Alex knows that it's important to keep great performanceKeep training and maintain discipline to continue progressing in such an important profession as music. For this reason, he always motivates his followers to continue to believe in their dreams, but above all to recognize innate talent.

Sander Alex is a prominent guitarist in the Peruvian rocket scene

“Last Saturday we gave an unforgettable show with Devonia. I always had faith that everything would go well and, despite the divided comments before our participation, we were able to prove that we were born for this. Personally, it was an honour.” “A goal achieved to be able to support one of the bands that has influenced my life so much is still a long way to go, but this is a big step forward in my artistic career,” says Sander from his recording studio, where he produced the song “Contigo Perú” for the Netflix series “Contigo Capitán.” I have to thank everyone, I love you, and keep going.”

Sander is known for… Rock scene For his participation in bands such as Zero Balas and La Joya, the latter formed with Carloman, winner of the “Yo Soy – Grandes Batallas” award, with whom he has toured throughout Peru and some Latin American countries during recent years.

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Likewise, Sander has released three singles as a solo artist: “Instruletal”, “Dakosonic”, and “Damage Done”, and is an artist for the label. Gibson and Epiphone guitars Further promoting his career as a guitarist.

Sander Alex is a prominent guitarist in the Peruvian rocket scene

Sander not only plays the guitar, but also enters the world of social networks, where he moves very comfortably, being a strategic ally of global brands such as Gibson and Kramer.

in YoutubeSander received more than 18 million views, including 35 million on TikTok, and the devastating numbers continue on the rest of the social media networks.

how Devonia

is responsible for producing music videos, tutorials, covers, reviews, and special music, among other things, with the goal of continuing to build a community of followers organically.