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Tini Stossel, open-hearted about her mental health: 'I've been diagnosed with depression'

Tini Stossel, open-hearted about her mental health: 'I've been diagnosed with depression'

Teni admits that she suffers from depression

this week Tenny Stossel He released his fifth album titled A lock of hair It reflects a good portion of the emotional crises he has been exposed to over the past year and a half. His father's harsh admission to the hospital Alejandro Stosselheart fluctuations, media connection to his relationship Rodrigo de Paulindirect arrows that have been dispensed with Cammy hummushe Dislikes What he received on social networks and his depression are some of the elements that fueled the conceptual text of the album in question.

“My hair has always meant a lot to me in my daily life, in my shows, in my career, in my videos… By always keeping it long, I felt like it generated a lot of strength within me and it represented me a lot.. But when I was diagnosed with depression, I began to struggle with this process not only internally, but externally as well.. And with poetry, it's as if… I looked in the mirror and I couldn't find myself, I couldn't find myself. I'll go and change my hair color. And I looked in the mirror again, and it went on, and on, and on. All this research that I was doing on an internal level, so to speak, and on an emotional level, was very much reflected in my poetry and who I am today. How did I get it today,” the singer developed in an interview with MTV on the occasion of this launch.

“However, even though it was short, I feel like a completely different woman for the better, empowered, I have grown a lot, and I have learned a lot of things. Well, that's why the album is called that, A lock of hairStossel explained.

Tini Stossel has broken down at the launch of her new album

In another part of the conversation with Ishara Music, Teni narrated how he came up with the concept of the album and what differences he found in this new work from previous works (Tiny, I want to come back, Tiny Tiny Tiny And Cupid). “The truth is that the process for this album was different from the processes I had previously done with my other albums. I entered the studio with the concept already put together, with songs that were conceptually developed even though they had not been written. “So we went to “The studio and we already know what each song is going to be.”

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“It's a story from beginning to end, it's an album you listen to from the first song to the last. It's an album that tells you a story, at some point. And also very deep and very complex. Just like the songs, so are the visuals, videos and photos. That's why it was so important for us to develop not only the theme of the music, but also the visuals that go with it and finish telling that story and each song really well,” he details below.

Regarding the audiovisual aspect, he said: “In these videos, a lot of interpretation was needed. Translating and acting is something I really love to do.. On this album this aspect was able to develop. One of the things I loved doing most was thinking about a video idea, developing it, and then being able to interpret it in the best way possible.

Tini Stossel presented the music video “Ni de ti” in which she talks with Camila Homs

“One of the best things this album does for me on a personal level is that I was able to talk. And it would be nice if it would encourage someone else to say something they might never have dared to say, to be encouraged to do something they wouldn't dare do., like freedom of expression, and not being afraid to say if something hurts you… I think the album has that message at the end, which is the ability to speak up. “Today, being able to express all this has made me grow a lot,” Tiny concluded.

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