December 4, 2021

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Artern: “COP26 will be a success or a failure”

Jacinta Ordn mentioned Glasgow Climate Summit It will be “Success or Failure” In the fight against global warming, He said the world is now paying the price for decades of procrastination.

President of New Zealand It called for UN mediation to take immediate action And remarkably, “Now we’re definitely at a point where we’ve gone beyond the goals.” “Glasgow is fundamental and I think everyone recognizes this moment we are in,” he said in an interview with AFP. Now covers the climate, The media alliance for the climate to which it belongs Third, As well as the New Zealand Herald and NBC News.

“This is a crucial moment for those ambitions that we saw about 1.5 degrees. We know what it means to be below 1.5 degrees.

Said Arden Climate change was already driving the extreme weather In New Zealand And the Atolls of the Pacific Ocean They faced flooding as rising water occupied their defenses.

Tulu’s RREE Minister Simon Koff during a video broadcast on COP26. Photo: Reuters

“For us, it’s in our backyard, it does immediately,” said Artem, 41, who has previously described the problem. A generational challenge to life and death.

The The Glasgow Talks bring together negotiators from 196 countries At the biggest climate conference in 2015 after an important meeting in Paris.

Representatives in the largest city in Scotland There is the task of Achieve the ambitious goal set in Paris Controlling global warming from pre-industrial levels to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Unable to attend this month’s APEC Economic Summit because he is hosting the Govt-19 crisis at home, Artern has released his policies. They put New Zealand at the forefront of climate action.

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Adds Greenhouse gas emissions should be halved by 2030, Four times the amount of foreign aid and financial markets for climate mitigation projects should reveal how their investments are affecting global warming.

Jacintha Artern. Photo: A.P.

New Zealand, like many other countries, agreed. He talked at length about a great game on climate change, but could not approve of his rhetoric.

“For decades, goals have been set, but no investments or changes have been made to connect with them and help us achieve them,” he said.

The center-left leader who took office in 2017 He said his government is committed to climate change no matter what other countries do Or the possibility of an internal recession at its economic cost.

“We can’t get into a situation where our action depends on the action of others, because who pays the price if we are not all in that game?” She said.

It is not enough to simply say, “We will wait until everyone does their part.” I heard that argument. We must all do our part now so that we do not all fall into a steep fall. “

However, Environmental groups have criticized New Zealand’s climate policies, Especially by excluding its lucrative but highly polluting agricultural sector from projects that will achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Christine Rose, from Greenpeace New Zealand, Said The sector accounts for almost half of New Zealand’s emissions. Mainly by Methane from livestock, And other than that, made the government’s climate promises “meaningless.”

“If we do not take action now to address agricultural emissions, While the agricultural business continues to benefit from pollution, the task of lifting weights is left to othersRose said.

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Climate enthusiasts Zero generation They also called New Zealand’s policies “disgraceful” last month for not taking agriculture into account.

And Greta Dunberg He criticized the order, saying the prime minister was not a climate leader. Artern said his record was true, while the young Swedish activist defended the right to speak on behalf of his generation.

“In my opinion, the world needs people who hold us accountable, because it’s not just about‘ setting a goal, going away and expecting the best ’; Those activists are now expecting concrete changes“, He said.

Atern said it was important to consider The plight of those at the forefront of climate changePacific islanders are increasingly facing violent hurricanes, warming oceans and coastal erosion.

I hope delegates discussing the future of the planet in Glasgow would have heard those voices. “I will always be confident, so I look forward to seeing what we can create with COP,” he said.