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New Zealand raises penalties for corona virus violations in November

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New Zealand raises penalties for corona virus violations in November

The New Zealand government plans to toughen fines in November for violating restrictions imposed to control the Covit-19 epidemic, said Chris Hipkins, minister of anti – Covit-19 protests.

21.09.2021 09:17

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2021-09-21T09: 17: 00

“Penalties for violating measures against Covit-19 are set to increase significantly from early November 2021, better reflecting the seriousness of any route that threatens New Zealand’s response to the virus,” the minister was quoted as saying. On the Government of New Zealand website.

In particular, the authorities will increase the maximum fine for failure to comply with the measures against Govt-19 from $ 300 to $ 4,000 (US $ 2,800). The maximum fine imposed by the court will increase from NZ $ 1,000 to NZ $ 12,000. In addition, offenders could face up to 6 months in prison.

“Unfortunately, there have been a number of serious violations that have affected the progress we have made in the fight against delta diversity,” Hipkins said. “Non-compliance with the rules will lead to the spread of the virus and the current fines will no longer reflect the social and economic consequences of the spread of Govt-19 in the community,” he added.

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According to the latest data from the New Zealand Ministry of Health, about 4,000 Govt-19 cases, including 27 deaths, have been reported in the country since the outbreak. More than 30 percent of the population received a complete immunization schedule.


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