August 14, 2022

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New Zealand, the dream of cyclists

New Zealand, the dream of cyclists

Became New Zealand in recent years Very popular place For all level athletes. To its young, courageous and eco-friendly spirit, its magnificent landscapes and its modern and vibrant cities are added.

Traveling by motorhome is unique in that it has the best infrastructure of camps, and it has as many areas as possible. Free camp, I.e., camp without services. It has a wide range of accommodation ranging from private homes to luxury establishments.

Map of New Zealand

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Situated 1,600 km southeast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, the country is an archipelago of two main islands, the North and the South, separated by the Cook Strait and several smaller islands.

New Zealand has a population of less than 5 million and a population density of 18.3 people / km2, compared to Spain’s more than 92 people / km2. As an interest, there are over 8 sheep and 3 cows in an apartment.

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The North Island has a temperate climate with numerous volcanoes and hot springs. It has two major cities in the country, Auckland in the north and Wellington in the south.

On the South Island, the Southern Alps act as a backbone, with Mount Aroki (or Mount Cook) as its summit, forming fjords and lakes in the central and western hemisphere and large meadows in the eastern and southern hemisphere.

Why New Zealand by bike?

Very sparsely populated areas, open spaces, large meadows, numerous lakes, rolling hills, forests, mountains, fjords or areas with geothermal activity make up a country landscape that invites you to cycle across different terrains. In addition, it is a clean, decent, orderly country, with no crime, well-maintained roads, well-marked trails and full attention to nature.

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We have services and lodging in almost every city, and as a community that loves sports, full respect to cyclists.

There are more than 5,600 routes across the country, and more than 700,000 km of routes. It covers all levels and all distances, from the most dangerous descent to walking around cities.

New Zealand’s official travel website ( is very comprehensive and entertaining with detailed information., and websites offer marked routes with many options for difficulty and mileage of all levels.

What should we not miss?




The main gateway to Auckland. It is the largest city in New Zealand, with approximately 30% of the population, and is highly racially diverse. It is based on more than 50 volcanoes, bordering the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by lush greenery.

Champagne pool, geothermal and fountains operate in Waitopu



With numerous geysers, hot springs, mud pools and sulfur gas clouds, the area stands out for its volcanic activity. The Waitopu Thermal Wonderland for Fire and Water Scenes and the Whakarewarewa Redwwods Forest for its numerous trails are the highlights. The worst thing is the persistent smell of rotten eggs, but it’s worth the effort. It’s a different world.

Three different colors in the lakes of Tongariro National Park


Taupo and Tongarro National Parks

With its largest lake in New Zealand, volcanic, hot springs, peaks and waterfalls, Taupo has emerged as the nation’s leading cycling destination on both mountains and roads, and is a hub for outdoor sports. Free top layer. According to the Tongariro NP, it is the most popular park in New Zealand with numerous routes for hiking (Tongariro Alpine Crossing and Tongariro Northern Circuit) and cycling, and 42 Travers is one of the most popular.

Three different colors in the lakes of Tongariro National Park


Westland Thai Putini National Park

Already on the South Island, the park has Franz Joseph and Fox glaciers. Both are very close to the sea at this latitude. Climate change is causing a significant setback on the ice tongue, but the approach path continues to be impressive. There are many options for air circuits in the area.

Three different colors in the lakes of Tongariro National Park


Queenstown and Wanaka

With its majestic setting of adrenaline and energetic terrain, lakes, peaks and beautiful fjords, Queenstown is considered one of the world capitals of adventure sports and has the perfect facilities to practice them. Skiing, kayaking, air sports, funky jumping and of course hiking and biking. This is the starting point for excursions to Milford Sound, one of the most beautiful fjords in the world. Vanaka, on the shores of the lake of the same name, is the other big adventure center, but it is small and a bit quiet. Hundreds of kilometers of marked cycle paths circle the city with endless possibilities.

Gastronomy is based on new products

Until a few years ago, New Zealand food used traditional and very fresh products, but in geeky products. Currently, and thanks in part to immigration, modern New Zealand cuisine combines the best local products with the strongest commitment to Eastern influences and vegetarian cuisine.

The most common products are:

  1. Meat: Lamb or veal, meats best quality and local products.
  2. Seafood: Seafood is plentiful and of good quality.
  3. Vegetarian cuisine: Vegetarian restaurants abound with creative foods and fresh produce.
  4. Beer: The value of craft beers in regular pubs is increasing. In recent years, micro breweries have proliferated across the country.
  5. Whitefight: Fries or whitefight tortillas.