May 20, 2024

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New Zealand, the new champions

New Zealand, the new champions

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Done Hong Kong Sevens, Eighth level World Tour And New Zealand He won the championship both times. They excelled in masculinity PG By 24-17At the same time, women used to do the same Australia By 26-17. I restored the entire world circuit Star+.

In the men’s category, the Kiwis retained their Asian title after nine years. The competition was divided into two separate competitions, one each. First, the New Zealanders played relentlessly, winning all four of their matches throughout the game. In the second, the Fijians brought everything in their quest to turn the result around, but they found a big Black defense that kept them from doing so consistently. The efforts of the winners were supported Cody Wall, Zion Molia, Leroy Carter And Nagarohi McGarvey-Black. when PG were made by Viva Madhulo And Josepha Talakolo On two occasions.

On the women’s side, Australia had chances but couldn’t cope with a brilliant performance New Zealand Won 26-17. Even the first attempt Aussie 7s At the hands of Bienne Terita, but in the last game of the first half, Stacey Waka Leaked in defence, the equalizing goal came Blacks Ferns. The second half was very uneventful as the New Zealanders put in all their characteristic performances. Michael Blyde And AhaAgain.

After disputing Hong Kong Sevensfunction World Tour will continue SingaporeBetween April 8 and 9.

Third Day Men’s Match:

Third Day Women’s Match:

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