January 19, 2022

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New Zealand to provide free hygiene products for girls in schools

New Zealand to provide free hygiene products for girls in schools

  • This initiative seeks to prevent women and adolescents from missing their classes during menstruation

The Government of New Zealand It has been reported that it will be distributed free of charge in all areas from June Schools From the country Female hygiene products. The administrator explained that the purpose was to deal with the problem of the call. “Menstrual poverty“, Thus prevent Women and youth Those who do not have access to these basic products do not come to school on their school days Menstruation.

According to Europa Press, the Prime Minister, Jacintha Artern, “No one should miss class for something that is part of a normal life for half of the population.” Artern added a new one Measurement The government helps to combat poverty directly, increase school attendance and achieve “good impact”. Welfare of women“.

The country’s authorities have taken note Studies Reveals existence Younger students, From Families with limited resources, Those who do not go to classes during menstruation. In fact, Artern points it out One of twelve students She dropped out of school due to problems related to “menstrual poverty”. In this case, they plan to allocate this year NZ over $ 2 million (Approximately 1.2 million euros) to provide free supplies to elementary, middle and high schools.

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The Public distribution Will take place after one Pilot project It started in the second half of 2020 and was attended by about 15 schools and about 3,200 students from Waikato on the North Island. Artern She said students at the time expressed that these feminine health products were “available to everyone who needs them and when they need them”.

Menstruation can bring on a series of problems for young women. Among them, the Minister for Women’s Affairs quoted, John Dinetti, Shame, stigma and disappointment.

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