May 23, 2022

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New Zealand welcomes pregnant woman who has been granted refugee status by the Taliban

New Zealand welcomes pregnant woman who has been granted refugee status by the Taliban

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Artern at a news conference in Wellington on September 4, 2021, following the registration of the country’s first death since Covit-19. afp_tickers

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Despite being a New Zealander, the Taliban agreed to grant asylum in Afghanistan to a pregnant journalist who refused to enter under the strict Govt-19 rules, and New Zealand agreed to take him away.

Reporter Charlotte Bellis, 35, said on Tuesday that she would return to New Zealand to give birth to her daughter after the government offered her a place on a state-isolated site.

“We are delighted to be back home, surrounded by family and friends at such a special time,” Bellis said in a statement, thanking the public for their support.

Bellis’ case highlights the difficulties faced by New Zealanders stranded abroad by strict anti-Govt.

New Zealand’s borders have been closed for the past two years to control the spread of the corona virus. There are only 800 isolated rooms per month for New Zealanders and foreigners on urgent visas on visas.

Belize worked for the Al Jazeera network in Kabul when Afghanistan fell to the Taliban.

She discovered she was pregnant while at the company’s headquarters in Doha, Qatar, where it was illegal to get pregnant without getting married.

She concealed her pregnancy when she was preparing to return to New Zealand, but was told by authorities she did not qualify for permission to return.

With this in mind, he called his contacts in the Taliban and said they could give birth in Afghanistan.

“When the Taliban provide you with a safe haven, a pregnant woman, you know your situation is difficult,” Bellis told the New Zealand Herald on Saturday.

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