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New Zealand: Why did the country successfully control the corona without rushing to get vaccinated?  |  Covit-19 |  The world

New Zealand: Why did the country successfully control the corona without rushing to get vaccinated? | Covit-19 | The world

The world is getting frustrated with getting vaccinated , Makes things easier. Currently, of its 5 million people, just over 782 thousand already have their full size.

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This was announced by EFE: only 17% of its eligible population in the country has been vaccinated, which invites us to think about its strategy to combat it. COVID-19.

In this note, we recall the measures taken by New Zealand to prevent the epidemic, its initial success, the recent outbreak and the progress of the vaccine.

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This is how Phantomic is controlled

A few months ago there was talk of a kind of New Zealand miracle. Too, United States The country is one of the safest places to travel during epidemics.

To prevent the corona virus, New Zealand closed its borders, prevented the arrival of tourists from certain parts of the world and ordered more severe isolation of travelers and its citizens.

For example, in March last year, For a population of about 4.8 million, almost its total population.

While other countries discussed whether to take drastic action, New Zealand took action on the matter.

The experiment went well and they decided to make one With Australia. From April 18 this year, the Trans-Tasmanian bubble Began to function.

So the Prime Minister Jacintha Artern, Highlighting that they are the only strategy “Eliminate COVID-19“Permitted to make international trips.

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Also, due to the end of that month and good results, the band River 60 Given a For 50 thousand followers.

But it seems that the corona virus is not controlled. Eruptions occurred during these periods and the population had to be restrained. In fact, a month ago, Trans-Tasmania had the bubble Because in Australia – another country that is leading by example in the fight against Govt-19 – the disease is out of control.

Jacintha Artern, Prime Minister of New Zealand. (Photo: AFP)

A marathon for immunization

In March of this year, Jacinta Ordner announced that New Zealand would vaccinate its people only through vaccination. Pfizer. This is a different decision from his initial plans Use four different medications“And the world is going out of its way to get everything it can and its pocket is enough.

Orton pointed out that this decision was due to its high performance, but not the company May be related to “Delay in approval of vaccines”.

According to Although other countries have given emergency recognition, New Zealand has not done so because the foot of the epidemic does not guarantee it. Since the onset of the epidemic, the country 2,880 infections and 26 deaths related to corona virus.

With that in mind, the country The 10 million dose pfizer will arrive in the second half of this year so that the New Zealand vaccine can understand the slow process.

Reference Image.  New Zealand announced the use of Pfizer vaccines only.  Selectors
Reference Image. New Zealand announced the use of Pfizer vaccines only. Selectors

In this regard, the Minister responding to Govt-19, Chris Hipkins, : “This is not a run, it is a one year marathon”.

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Nevertheless, the news of the world will affect the feelings of citizens. Therefore, the reputation of Jacinta Order was affected.

Many New Zealanders, count Compare their vaccination process with English (“Nearly 90% of adults receive at least one dose and about 70% are fully vaccinated”).

“According to recent research,”His party’s approval rating was 9.7%, the lowest everSince he came to power. 45.5% “Trust Orton“, Which means”2.6% decline in popularity”.

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