April 13, 2024

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New Zealand will allow gymnasts to wear shorts over leotards

New Zealand will allow gymnasts to wear shorts over leotards

Sydney (Australia), April 3 (EFE).- The New Zealand Gymnastics Federation has changed its dress code to allow athletes to wear shorts over their leotards and not be fined if their bra straps are visible, until now.

Gymnastics New Zealand said in a statement on Tuesday that while the changes will not affect events outside the country, the rule changes are meant to make gymnasts more comfortable and confident when practicing and competing in gymnastics.

Gymnastics New Zealand CEO Andrea Nelson said the changes were decided after a survey of 300 gymnasts by Massey University School of Sport highlighted the importance of female form and uniforms.

“We consulted athletes from all disciplines of gymnastics and we found that most of them really like wearing leotards. But some gymnasts are not comfortable with this outfit,” Nelson said.

“Gymnastics wants to be New Zealand's premier sport, so allowing competitors to wear shorts was an easy change so no one felt uncomfortable or left out,” the chief executive added.

Nelson described it as “a bit archaic”, recalling that athletes can be fined if they show their bra straps and that men can already wear pants, so the new restriction increases equality between the sexes.

According to New Zealand Media Newsroom, some gymnasts have been wearing shorts with their leotards since 2020, but the practice is not reflected in all disciplines or federation regulations.

Other New Zealand sports federations, including tennis and rugby, have also made changes to their regulations to adapt uniforms to women's needs.

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