December 1, 2021

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New Zealand will be closed to foreign travelers until the end of April

New Zealand will be closed to foreign travelers until the end of April

New Zealand passengers, after the opening of the airlift with Sydney (Reuters)

Officers of New Zealand That was announced on Wednesday They will not open their borders to foreign travelers until April 2022Vaccinated citizens and residents can enter the country from January and February, depending on where they come from.

This is stated in a statement issued by the Government of New Zealand Restrictions on New Zealanders and those with a flying residence permit from Australia will be lifted worldwide from January 16 and February 13..

The remaining foreign travelers who have been vaccinated can go to sea country Without restrictions from next April 30th.

Currently, entry into New Zealand, which closed its borders in March 2020 due to the epidemic, is being carried out through a rigorous process in which spaces are drawn, which restricts the entry of small groups to be isolated.

The new system will allow vaccinated passengers to enter, present a negative test before they travel, undergo another test upon arrival and be isolated for seven days at their preferred location. Before the isolation can be finalized, they must be subjected to another covid test.

Auckland Airport (Reuters)
Auckland Airport (Reuters)

“Closing our border is one of the first steps we have taken to keep our country safe from Govt disease Opening up is the last thing we doChris Hipkins, Minister of State for the Govt.

“We released this announcement today to give families, businesses, visitors, airlines and airport companies time to prepare. It is encouraging that as a nation we can move towards greater default, ”Hipkins added. “We recognize that this is difficult, but the end of strict travel restrictions is now in view.Over time, the frustration of New Zealanders living abroad grew, as well as pressure on the government to relax these restrictions.

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Last Monday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Artern announced the country The country will adopt a new flexible control system from December, In the event of a large increase in infections, but also the closure of businesses without declaring sanctions.

New Zealand was one of the strongest countries in the past against covit and was able to maintain a low number of infections (approximately 10,390) and deaths (40).

However, In October it dropped its zero case strategy Due to the continuance of infections and the increase in vaccinations, about 70 percent of the population has been vaccinated against Govt disease. It is expected to reach 90 per cent in the next few weeks.

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