August 16, 2022

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The leader of the House of Commons reaffirmed his commitment to peace in Colombia

He stressed that these five years of peace were difficult because of the state’s continuous attacks on its comprehensive implementation.

During his speech at the ceremony commemorating the fifth anniversary of the peace agreement, he stressed that, “Nevertheless, we declare that nothing and no one will be able to undermine our conviction that the path we have taken is the right path.”

In the act held at the headquarters of the Special Judiciary for Peace (JEP), he explained that this agreement between the FARC and the state, which ended an armed conflict that had lasted for more than half a century, was in fact a great agreement. The historical consensus reached by Colombian society.

He emphasized that the commemoration in the Justice and Development Party is evidence of the strength of the comprehensive system of truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition.

“Our participation there was active and proactive as a testament to our moral commitment to defending the rights of victims. We insist on apologizing to the victims of our actions during the dispute. Understanding his pain grows in us daily and fills us with sadness and shame,” said Londono.

He stressed that the signatories of the peace agreement today believe in a democratic and dialogue state that prefers joint solutions and rejects the use of force, and listens carefully to the popular clamor and pays close attention to it.

He thanked the international community for its support of the peace agreement to move it forward.

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