August 15, 2022

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New Zealand will issue 4,000 visas to relatives of citizens of Ukrainian descent

New Zealand will issue 4,000 visas to relatives of citizens of Ukrainian descent

The Ukrainians are leaving the war

Government of New Zealand on Tuesday announced it will issue two-year visas to about 4,000 families of New Zealand residents and citizens of Ukrainian descent. In response to the humanitarian crisis resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Implemented from today and valid for twelve months, temporary visa holders will be able to work in the maritime country, send their children to school and enjoy other social benefits.According to a government report.

Temporary visas are expected to benefit parents, grandparents, siblings, adult children or immediate relatives of about 1,600 Ukrainians who have become permanent residents or residents of New Zealand.

“This is the largest specialty visa type that has been in place for decades (in New Zealand) in support of an international humanitarian effort.”New Zealand Immigration Minister Chris Fafoe said in the statement.

New Zealand has previously granted visa extensions to Ukrainians whose visas expire by the end of this year and has allowed New Zealand visa holders to enter the country without having to wait until the border is reopened.

The New Zealand government also announced that it had set aside $ 4 million (US $ 2.7 million or US $ 2.5 million) for humanitarian assistance in Ukraine, which has displaced two million people since the Russian invasion last month.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Artern
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Artern

Yesterday, the government New Zealand has announced that it will impose “significant” new sanctions on Russia. Including oligarchy, individuals and organizations responsible for or associated with the invasion of Ukraine.

“Such a bill has never been brought before our parliament, but since Russia has vetoed UN sanctions, we must act to support Ukraine and our partners in opposing this invasion.”According to the newspaper, Prime Minister Jacinta Order highlighted ‘New Zealand Herald’.

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Artern explained that sanctions would allow Russian assets in New Zealand to be frozen, prevent individuals and companies from moving their money and assets into the country, and prevent boats, ships and planes from entering New Zealand waters or airspace.

“When we first responded to Russia’s invasion by targeting travel bans, suspending military exports and suspending bilateral foreign office consultations, we said we had no choice at the table.”The Prime Minister added.

Thus he insisted “The bill also allows for sanctions against other states that are complicit in Russia’s illegal activities, such as Belarus.”

Andern has expressed sadness to the Russian people and stressed that sanctions should affect “decision-makers” in Russia.

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