June 21, 2024

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New Zealand will no longer allow you to defecate in nature

A motorhome lake mog in southern New Zealand. Illustrative photo. (Matthew Williams-Ellis / Universal Images Group Editorial)
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In the archipelago, the corona virus has an almost ancient history: no more cases since the beginning of October. New Zealanders are already thinking about the world, including how tourists will be welcomed, when the borders will reopen and nature lovers will come to wander the roads with a berth in a mini van, on the slope of a volcano, to meet the sea lion colonies between the two beaches.

Everything will change, it’s not a joke! New Zealanders can no longer be seen walking in nature with a toilet paper in hand by young Americans, Chinese or Europeans, hiding behind a bush and then bending down to humble themselves from a natural stimulus – leaving traces of their set before departure.

How is that, there is a problem with tourists in New Zealand, at least some of these “Pack bakers“Low-budget lovers under the stars who can not afford a motor home with chemical toilets and integrated stove. So the government is going to crumble!

Tourism Minister Stuart Nash on Wednesday said he would ban the rental of low-cost vans and motor homes. Only vehicles equipped with toilets will be approved. No need to rent a simple mattress on four wheels and get your butt in the air. Farewell to the drinking of freedom! Everyone should rent the best weapons possible.

“Allowing people to defecate on the side of the road is not about who we are as a nation“The minister said.”Our brand is not part of the picture … and I do not believe it is the tourists that New Zealanders want to see in their country“It is clear: New Zealand is now officially targeting high-level tourists.

A small spending tourist is not the future (…) We have a unique opportunity to review our strategy

What we enjoy is a unique opportunity to review our strategy“, He said again Stuart Nash. A low-cost tourist – but very expensive – is not the future. My ambition is to be considered one of the three best places on the planet by the most demanding travelers“.

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This clear position did not fail to react. The minister is less than a month old, and his first outrage is that editorial writers in local newspapers are condemning a kind of insult to young travelers.

We have seen a whole series of well-perceived cartoons in newspapers and on social networks where scrolls of toilet paper stamped by tourists are turned into scrolls of banknotes.

Tourism is essential to the country’s economy, and the numbers explode every year … New Zealand has a population of 5 million. In 2019, before the epidemic, the country received almost the same number of tourists.