July 1, 2022

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New Zealand will send immortal military aid to Ukraine

New Zealand will send immortal military aid to Ukraine

New Zealand says it plans to spend $ 3.46 million to help Ukrainian forces fight the Russians.

The Wellington government said the extra money would be used to fund the NATO Foundation, which supplies fuel, food, communications equipment and first aid kits.

The New Zealand Army will also provide tactical equipment, including bulletproof vests.

This non-lethal assistance is largely carried out by New Zealand Defense Forces aircraft, and may include the Australian Army.

Prime Minister Jacinta Artern said on Monday that she was keen to help her country.

“Today, the government has decided to support the Ukrainian armed forces with tactical defenses such as bulletproof vests and helmets,” Artern said.

“Today’s announcements come in addition to the sanctions imposed by Russia’s recently imposed sanctions law and the NZ $ 6 million previously provided for humanitarian assistance, bringing our total contribution to NZ $ 11 million. New Zealand sanctions worldwide, so these sanctions have an effect. New Zealand will continue to play its part in supporting our partners in combating the war.

New Zealand authorities have not decided to provide dangerous assistance to Ukrainian forces. However, they have imposed financial and travel restrictions on various Russian politicians and military personnel. The law allows New Zealand to freeze the assets of those associated with Russia.

Prime Minister Ordner said it would not be surprising if New Zealand was hit by Russia’s retaliatory sanctions.

He said February 24 was a major setback to international order based on the rules of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The government has said that New Zealanders going to Ukraine to fight the conflict are unlikely to violate any national law, although the official advice is that citizens should not go to the region.

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