May 18, 2024

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New Zealand's Taihoro will defend the Emirates Cup in Barcelona.

New Zealand's Taihoro will defend the Emirates Cup in Barcelona.

The name of the guard ship was inspired by 'Taihoro-Nukurangi'; 'Move swiftly like the sea between heaven and earth'

Barcelona, ​​April 18. (Europe Press) –

Emirates Team New Zealand presented the defending champion yacht 'Tyhoro' at the 37th America's Cup in Barcelona and was christened and presented at an emotional launch in Auckland (New Zealand). Ivy Manaki Ngadi Watua Orakein who blessed the name 'Taihoro'.

The opening ceremony took place at the New Zealand team's base at Wynyard Point in Auckland and was attended by friends, family, sponsors and suppliers of the team who did not want to miss the christening of 'Taihoro'. 'Taihoro-nukurangi', meaning 'quickly moving like the sea between heaven and earth'.

So 'Taihoro' represents the evolutionary journey of the ship. “It represents a transgression of traditional boundaries, creating a connection between sea and sky. This ship is more than a simple vessel,” the group summarized in a statement. 'Taihoro' is named after Helen Clark, who was the Prime Minister of New Zealand and the New Zealand patron of the Emirates team.

Jeff Senior, head of construction at Emirates Team New Zealand, oversaw construction of the yacht, which began 10 months ago at the Emirates Team New Zealand shipyard, with 45 builders working throughout the process, totaling 85,000 hours. Work.

“This is a very technical boat for the construction team. The design team has pushed the Taihoro design to the limit, which has tested our construction team throughout the process. But we are very fortunate to have an experienced construction team. The best in the industry,” said Senior.

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'Taihoro' was flown under cover of darkness to the Emirates team in New Zealand weeks ago and has since undergone a complete overhaul process by hydraulic, electronic and ground technical teams, with thousands of components and systems ready to be repaired. The commissioning and sea trials conducted in Auckland Harbor over the past week were to be delivered to the race team.

“These moments are always a special moment of pride for all team members,” said Emirates Team New Zealand CEO and organizer of the 37th America's Cup in Barcelona 2024.

“Much of what the group does must be kept secret from friends and family for obvious reasons, and the work involves enormous dedication, commitment and time. So it's always special to share the fruits of that effort with them on our site. The activities, naming and presentation of Taihoro are in partnership with Ngati Whatua Orakei. , has again given our ship a special and significant identity,” he added.

“This is the boat we will take to Barcelona to defend the America's Cup for New Zealand later this year, and the name 'Taihoro' helps us bring our identity to Barcelona and share our country's innovation and culture on the world stage,” he concluded.