June 25, 2022

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Nightingale reveals his imagination in a new trailer for the game

Nightingale reveals his imagination in a new trailer for the game

Nightingale introduced a new trailer for the game during Summer Game Fest. Use the common world game Survival mechanics It uses the industry so that the player can build his own resources. In general, the video focuses its attention on kingdom cards, automation class, and other aspects of the gameplay in the game.

Kingdom Cards give the player a way to influence his travels, all through a system of mysterious portals. Allow magic cards Manipulation of tangible attributes for each new world. In addition, it is possible to collect resources and craft different cards with unique attributes that include environment types, weather patterns, resources, challenges, etc.

According to the press release, the characteristics of these cards use a “Advanced Procedural Generation System”Which opens the doors for the adventurer to build a kingdom on the basis of the conditions he sets. The trailer also delves into the crafting mechanics and combat system, which can be enjoyed alone or in company (co-op mode). Also shown in the video is the robotics class and enemy Fae.

Early access on the horizon

Nightingale will be released early for PC around 2022, although no date has been announced yet. What is known is that In the coming months, there will be a closed beta. Developed by Inflexion Games, this studio is made up of industry veterans with experience in triple titles. Among the games they have participated in are epic stories such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Wipeout and Far Cry.

It was reflexology games acquired by Tencent. The Chinese giant is investing in Western studios and pursuing an expansion strategy in the video game business.

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Nightingale can now be added to Wishlist on Epic Games Store s steam. do not miss our meeting with the studio.

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