December 4, 2023

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No, Ricardo did not threaten the young Darren with a written letter on the day of the 2023 general election

No, Ricardo did not threaten the young Darren with a written letter on the day of the 2023 general election

If you only have a few seconds, read these lines:

  • It’s a humorous story linked to an alleged confrontation between User X and the actor in the August 13 primaries.
  • The user’s viral tweet claimed that the actor left him a piece of paper bearing his initials on the day of the general election on October 22 with a message saying: “Explosion is coming, you idiot.” Neither this meeting nor that letter existed.
  • The fact was clarified by Darren himself through his account X (formerly Twitter) and the user who also shared the actor’s tweet.

A story circulated as true in a tweet, on the day of the general elections, October 22, showing a picture of a piece of paper with the words: “The explosion is coming, you donkey.” Prepare the handles. Long term agreement. RD” (sic). The post indicates that the initials correspond to actor Ricardo Darin Posted on X (formerly Twitter) by the same user He said (and showed a photo) after being passed in line for the August 13 primary election.

She accompanied the photo with the following story: “Okay, I’m over it. I reached out and my stomach hurt so badly that I was still gasping for breath. The police took me away and I came back crying. Sad story if I hadn’t found this in my pocket when I got home. Like the movie “(sic). But, This is not true because it is a humorous message.

The tweet received more than one million views, more than 6,000 “likes,” and more than 300 shares, according to data provided by the social media network itself.

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king Darren, via a tweet on his accountHe explained the situation:Don’t believe anything they tell me…It’s a cruel lie! I say this to anyone who is worried about whether it is true or not…explain. Period” (sic).

In addition to the user who posted the story and photo He explained that it was not a real certificate: “There are people who actually believe Darren wrote a paper at home telling me “The explosion is coming, you idiot,” “Ready the handles,” and “Long-term help.”Then I proceed to take the note to school and leave it in my pocket. Crossing the 40 years barrier is very difficult” (sic). He even shared the actor’s own message denying the said sequence.

Various media outlets picked up the story, and Darren’s subsequent clarifications, which addressed the humorous tone of the tweet, went viral, as did digital portals for A24, Clarion And All news (TN).

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