June 23, 2024

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OMX Stockholm starts 30 session higher on June 11

OMX Stockholm starts 30 session higher on June 11

This year, the markets have recorded continuous fluctuations. (information)

Good login for Omex 30which begins the course on Tuesday, June 11, with promotions 0.47%even the 2,612.98 pointsThis is after the beginning of the opening session. By comparing this data with the data of the past days,… Omex 30 The meaning of the previous data changes, when a decline of 0.53% was observed, proving its inability to establish a stable trend in recent times.

If we look at the data for the past seven days,… Omex 30 Promotion piles up 0.04%%so on an annual basis it still maintains an increase in 13.63%. he Omex 30 A. is located 1.08% Below the maximum for this year (2641.47 points) and a 13.71% Higher than its minimum price so far this year (2297.85 points).

Stock index It is an indicator that measures the development of the value of a specific group of assetsso you need to get data from different companies or sectors for a part of the market.

These indicators are mainly used by stock exchanges in various countries around the world Each of them can be combined by companies with certain characteristics Such as having a similar market value or belonging to the same type of business, there are also some indicators that take into account a few stocks to determine their value or other indicators that take into account hundreds of stocks.

Stock market indices act as Stock market confidence index, business confidence, national and global economic health, and stock investment performance And company shares. In general, if investors lack confidence, stock prices tend to fall.

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Likewise, they work to measure Asset manager performance Allow investors to analyze comparisons between return and risk; Measure financial asset opportunities or create portfolios.

This type of indicator began to be used at the end of the nineteenth century Journalist Charles H. Dao. He carefully investigated how company stocks tended to rise or fall in price together, so he created two indices: one containing the 20 most important railroad companies (because they were the most important industry at the time), plus 12 stocks from other types of companies

Today in our economy there are various indicators and They can be grouped together based on geography, sectors, company size, or even asset type.For example, the US Nasdaq index consists of the 100 largest companies largely related to technology such as Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), Amazon (AMZN), Facebook (FB), Alphabet (GOOG), Tesla (TSLA), Nvidia ( NVDA), PayPal (PYPL), Comcast (CMCSA), Adobe (ADBE).

Each stock index has its own method of calculationBut the main factor is the market capitalization of each company that comprises it. This is obtained by multiplying the daily value of a stock in the corresponding stock market by the total number of shares traded in the market.

Companies must appear on the stock exchange Provide balance Of its composition. The said report must appear every three or six months, as the case may be.

Reading a stock index also requires analyzing its changes over time. New indices always start with a fixed value based on security prices On the start date, but not everyone follows this method. Therefore, it can be misleading.

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If one index saw an increase of 500 points in one day, while another index added only 20 points, it may appear that the first index performed better. But if the first started the day at 30 thousand points and the other at 300 points, it is possible to assume, in percentage terms, that the gains of the second were more significant.

between the Major US stock indices There is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, commonly known as… Dow JonesOf which 30 companies are part. also, Standard & Poor’s 500Which includes 500 of the largest companies on the New York Stock Exchange. Finally comes Nasdaq 100which brings together 100 of the largest non-financial companies.

On the other hand, the most important indicators Europe she Eurostock 50, which covers the 50 most important companies in the euro area. Furthermore it, DAX 30It is the main German index that contains the most prominent companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. the FTSE 100 index From the London Stock Exchange; he CAC 40 From the Paris Stock Exchange; And the Ibex 35from the Spanish stock market.

in Asian continentwe have the Nikki 225, consisting of the 225 largest companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. And there too SSE Composite Index, which appears to be the most solid in China, consists of the most relevant companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The same role he played Hang Seong Index In Hong Kong and Cosby In South Korea.

We’re talking about Latin America regionYou have Consumer price indexwhich contains 35 reputed companies on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV). At least a third of them are owned by businessman Carlos Slim.

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Another is Bovespa, consisting of the 50 most important companies on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange; he Merval From Argentina; he IPSA From Chile; he MSCI COOLCAP From Colombia; he cry Caracas, consisting of 6 companies from Venezuela.

Likewise, there are other types of global stock indices such as MSCI Latin AmericaWhich includes the most important 137 companies in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Likewise, there MSCI WorldWhich includes 1,600 companies from 23 developed countries; he MSCI Emerging MarketsIt consists of more than 800 companies from developing countries; And the Standard & Poor’s Global 100consisting of the 100 most powerful multinational companies on the entire planet.