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New plans in the Italian company

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Although it has not yet entered this new wave, Lamborghini is one of the sports brands that gave a date and name to its first electric car. A model we saw in concept form this summer is called the Lamborghini Lanzador and is scheduled for production in 2028.. This will be the first step towards a future in which sooner or later we can see a 100% electric supercar. However, in Europe the door has opened to synthetic-fueled models and progress in this type of more sustainable alternative to combustion engines seems to have prompted Lamborghini to change its plans.

This is how he brought it down himself Lamborghini CEO and President, Stephan Winkelmann, in an interview with trainer They announced that they could “leave the door open” for a few more years to combustion engines While lawmakers finish making a clear decision on synthetic fuels.

With a focus on e-fuel legislation

With all this, this does not mean that Lamborghini will cancel its idea of ​​making its main models, such as the Urus or the new Lanzador, fully electric by 2030, although it seems that is the case. Fairly long lifespan guarantee, around 8 or 9 years for the Revuelto and its current V12 hybrid engine and the increasingly upcoming successor to the Huracán which will also be a hybrid. Winkelmann explains that since the “typical development cycle” for a sports car lasts four years, Lamborghini can postpone the decision on its future supercars until the picture becomes “clearer.”

development Synthetic fuel, which according to Winkelmann could represent an “easier leap” for Lamborghini and the global market towards reduced emissions and finally carbon neutrality, as long as lawmakers’ decision on this alternative is made clear.. “We’ll have to wait and see what lawmakers decide about them [los combustibles sintéticos]And whether we can reach global agreement on its feasibility. We are a global company, so it is not a good idea for them to only be allowed into one region. “They need to be real and work everywhere.”

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Not to be “the first” in the field of electric cars, but rather “the best.”

Whatever the case, Lamborghini is also showing its doubts about how ready its customers are for a future range made up entirely of 100% electric models, and although younger buyers seem open to this change, Winkelmann himself doesn’t know if that is the case or not. The same will happen with the rest of the buyers. Which, as the brand’s president admits, they have not yet consulted. “First, we have to prepare them in a way that that alternative is credible.”

Actually it seems so Lamborghini’s main goal when facing the new electric era. It’s not so much ‘being first’ as ‘the best’, creating zero-emission cars that are truly exciting for the driver. “There will come a time when 100% electric sports cars will become more emotional than combustion cars. The energy savings are already amazing. What we have to show is not performance, but dynamism and excitement behind the wheel. In fact, we can “already see the time when energy density will enable us The battery makes electric supercars more flexible than today’s combustion cars. With enough peace of mind on our part, we can make these cars more emotional, too. “For example, it was 5 or 6 years ago when they made the ‘difficult decision’ to make the leap towards hybrids, when their future was still unclear,” Winkelmann stresses. “In the same way Now they want to take their time to think about whether the electric car is the only future or if it can coexist with other solutions.

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