May 21, 2024

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The hit horror miniseries based on one of the most famous monsters in history is coming to Netflix

The hit horror miniseries based on one of the most famous monsters in history is coming to Netflix

Netflix A. was released Horror series Which went unnoticed and was hidden by successful people The fall of the House of Usher And the last Corpses But it was a huge success in many countries and territories except Spain. We’re talking ominous and terrifying creaturea short series, in Only 6 hoursIt tells us the classic story of Frankenstein’s monster under a new perspective Worth watching in the marathon.

Reimagined Frankenstein From Netflix, which presents one of the best stories in pop culture in eight episodes

Adapt freely Frankensteinthe famous novel by Mary Shelley, a Turkish series consisting of only 8 episodes Who transfers his work to Ottoman Empire. In this context, A. spoke The world of fast methods With the help of his student, they will decide to use techniques and tools that science does not allow to complete their most ambitious work.

Logically, Your actions will have dire consequences On them and those around them, bringing to light a wave of murders and other horrific events. Written and directed Ajan Ermak, creature He sneaks into the top 10 on several passesbecoming the most watched in Turkey and Cyprus, but in Spain it was not so lucky, although its quality speaks for itself.

This Turkish horror production has taken Netflix by storm in many countries

Unfortunately, we are faced with a typical situation in the world of streaming, where the promotion of other original content often overshadows products that are more interesting in terms of quality or originality in their methods. The number of series, movies and premieres arriving on Netflix and other platforms is overwhelming and it is very difficult to do it right or be able to access everything. Dark, authentic and full of horror in its episodes, creature It’s an interesting option to enjoy a Halloween marathon.

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