July 1, 2022

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On Monday, Usakiditza will start the expansion of the Ordesia Health Center

On Monday, Usakiditza will start the expansion of the Ordesia Health Center

The business has a budget of 1.7 million euros and will run for 12 months, although Salah insists that healthcare activity will not be interrupted.

Next Monday, March 28, Osakidetza will start works to expand the Ordizia Health Center, in order to “provide the population with more spacious and modern equipment that can respond to the health care needs provided by the population that has experienced significant growth in recent years. The health center of OSI Goierri Alto Urola , located at No. 11 Etxezarreta Street, occupies the ground floor and basement of the building and serves, in addition to the municipality of Ordizia, to the neighboring towns of Itsasondo and Zaldibia.

With the expansion, the health center will have 9 family medicine consultations, 9 nursing consultations, 2 pediatric consultations, 2 pediatric nursing consultations, and a midwife consultation, in addition to other services such as a first aid kit, treatment and extraction room, library, gym or emergency room. .

Expansion, in addition to providing greater care coverage at designated time intervals, will make it easier to devote more time to other tasks such as vaccination, or community activity, primarily aimed at the population’s acquisition of habits that allow them to take better care of their health.

Ordizia City Council’s transfer of buildings under the health center allowed this expansion to be carried out with work budgeted at €1.7 million and an estimated implementation period of 12 months. The works will be carried out in two phases: the first, lasting four months, and the second, lasting eight months. Assistance activity will not be interrupted as some units in the adjacent arena have been enabled to provide assistance while work is in progress.

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With the expansion of the Ordesia Health Center, a new step has been taken with the aim of strengthening primary care, the citizen’s gateway to the health system, which is undoubtedly one of the priorities of Osakiditza and the Ministry of Health.