April 19, 2024

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Optimum texture and shelf life in baked goods

Optimum texture and shelf life in baked goods

Today's food industry requires products with optimal texture and shelf life, without sacrificing flavor or quality Modified starches It has become the ideal tool to achieve this balance in baked products, providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by professionals in this sector.

These compounds are obtained through physical, enzymatic or chemical processes, designed to change the molecular structure of the original starch and the result is an ingredient with improved properties in terms of:

  • Heat tolerance
  • Stability under pH changes
  • Jelly capacity
  • Resistance to freezing and thawing

Therefore, the use of modified starches in baked goods has a direct effect on improving texture and extending shelf life.

Benefits of using modified starches in industry

Modified starches can improve the texture of baked products in several ways:

  • softness: They provide a smooth, creamy texture to cakes, pies, and cookies.
  • Spongy: It allows for better aeration of the dough, resulting in lighter, more fluffy products.
  • Chewing: They provide the chewy texture needed in products such as bread and pastries.

They also extend the shelf life of baked goods by:

  • Delay stink: They prolong the freshness and flavor of the product.
  • Humidity control: They prevent hardening and loss of moisture.
  • Inhibiting microbial growth: They help in maintaining the quality of the product for a longer period.

Practical applications

The trend towards the use of modified starches reflects a broader focus on searching for ingredients that not only improve the properties of the final product, but are also safe and sustainable, and in this sense, are being explored in:

  • the bread: They are used to improve the texture and volume of bread, as well as to extend its shelf life.
  • cake shop: It allows you to get lighter and more delicate cakes with a smooth and creamy texture.
  • biscuit: They provide a crunchy texture and greater resistance to breakage.
  • Frozen products: It helps maintain the texture and quality of baked goods after freezing and thawing.
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Continuing research and development in this field promises further progress, enhancing the role of these starches as a fundamental pillar of food innovation.