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Controversial message from GH's Maxi Guidischi after Alfa's hospitalization

Controversial message from GH's Maxi Guidischi after Alfa's hospitalization

Powerful message from GH's Maxi Guidici after Alpha's hospitalization (Photo: Instagram)

There are friendships born in a home Big Brother 2022 And it continues to grow, like the one that formed it Juliet Poggio, Daniella Celis And Romina Orig. On the other hand, other confrontations occurred between the nominations and Reality discussions never brought peace And They keep growing and growing. This last case is a case Maxi Giudici with alphawhich at this time He remains in the hospital due to an irregular heartbeat After his controversial time on this season of the show.

The 62-year-old former contestant had participated in strong fights at home, such as the one he had with Manzana or the one he had with Catalina. That controversial move Walter Santiagohis real name, ended up with a strong post from Maxie, who made an unnamed reference to him and his hospitalization after leaving GH.

Alpha departs from Big Brother 2023 before being hospitalized with arrhythmia (GH, Telefe)

“Time puts everything in its place!”, said the man from Cordoba, through a story he posted on his Instagram account. “Never stop trying to be a good and better person day after day. Otherwise, the best rewards become punishments.” “Let them start with the whole weekend,” he concluded, adding an onion emoji to his message, just as he mocked the alpha by comparing her With vegetables.

In September last year, Alpha's situation was unpleasant, after it became known that Maxi was in a critical condition and taking anxiolytics with alcohol. It seems that concern for his health did not move him. 'I think a few days ago he was making fun of me on Editando Tele (Net TV) because the alcohol test gave me a positive result of 0.7 (two glasses of wine, allowed in CABA 0.5…) saying 'he finally got something' positive!' ', he said on his Instagram account. He said at that moment: “In life, everything comes back, everything!”

Big Brother 2022's Maxi Guedici clashed in the house with Alpha and their animosity grew (Photo: Prensa Telefe)

But that wasn't all. In a note with Not very true He confirmed his controversial position When we talk about how Cordoba was. “Maxi is not my friend. He was in the house, but he is not my friend, and I have no feelings for him, nothing more. He wished death on me when I was inside the house, saying: 'Let them take him out in a suitcase,'” he said contemptuously to Maxi that time.

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“Doesn't that make you sad at all?” The driver asked. “No, it's not really. It makes me sad. It makes me sad for the people I love, for the people who love me, for the people who show me in life, on a daily basis, that they are good people.” Harsh phrases alpha This may seem like a return of kindness from Maxi Giudici.