April 13, 2024

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Orange and Jazztel warn customers with this old connection

Orange and Jazztel warn customers with this old connection

ADSL will soon stop working in Spain, and those who continue to use it should switch to fiber before that happens

Fiber is much faster and more stable than ADSL

A few years ago ADSL It used to be one of the most advanced technologies for connecting to the Internet, but that is no longer the case. This connection has become obsolete, since Optical fiber It is much faster and more stable. Precisely for this reason, Spanish operators are closing copper exchanges, which provide ADSL connectivity to their people. If you are an Orange or Jazztel customer, you will receive an important message Notice of change of connection.

It is important to turn to fiber before final sealing

The vast majority of customers of Orange and Jazztel, its second brand, have fiber installed and not ADSL. However, there are still people all over the country who use this “Outdated technology”, As specified by Orange in a statement.

What should I do if optical fiber does not reach my home?

Fiber is superior to ADSL in every way

These clients They will be informed by the company They contracted to make the change. They will contact them via call, letter, email, SMS or WhatsApp. The goal is for them to find out It must be transferred to the fibers before final sealing. Customers can also contact directly through Orange Technical Service and Jazztel Technical Service.

If you turn off the ADSL service that gives you access to the Internet through this technology, you will not be able to connect to the Internet through broadband. This means that Overnight they will lack contact. To avoid this, there is only one alternative: change ADSL to fiber.

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When the technical team of these companies communicates with the customer, Moving from ADSL to fiber will not require any additional cost. In effect, you will maintain the same price as your current connection, but with the technological advantages of fibre.

The fastest ADSL can't compete with the slowest fibre. The first, in local cases where it runs at a higher speed, is usually around 30MB; Meanwhile, the second one has a minimum contractible speed which is usually 100MB, and that's only for a few operators. Orange's minimum is 500MB, which is approximately 17 times more than fast ADSL.

Orange and Jazztel warn customers with this old connection

Orange fiber rates only (with TV)

the A few cases where ADSL was maintained They are usually due to the impossibility of installing fiber in certain areas, such as facades protected by their historical importance, as was the case with Marcial Central in San Sebastian. Despite this, change is inevitable, because fiber deployment also responds to governmental interests of technological progress, which is why, even in such cases, operators and city councils end up coming up with solutions.

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