April 19, 2024

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Ordswap urges users to recover passwords after losing control of a website

Ordswap urges users to recover passwords after losing control of a website

Ordswap, a marketplace that allows users to register, auction, and trade Bitcoin Ordinals, has devised a way for users to recover their private keys as it struggles to regain control of its website domain.

In X’s post (on Twitter) on October 10, Ordswap’s Account

Hours earlier, on October 9, Ordswap warned users not to connect to its domain because it did not control it. He blamed the problem on Netlify, a website development and hosting company.

On the project’s Discord server, an Ordswap team member and a user reported that, for a time, the website displayed a button asking users to connect their cryptocurrency wallet. In a clear phishing attempt.

X user mentioned That the button was like a wallet opener, An increasingly popular tool among cryptocurrency scammers. At the time of writing, Ordswap’s site was automatically redirecting to a competing marketplace, RelayX.

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An Ordswap team member stated on Discord that neither private keys nor user assets were affected by the hack, But he added that users could be at risk if they interact with the site.

Bitkorn, a member of the Ordswap support team, claims that user assets were not affected due to the site being hacked. Source: Discord

In late September, the website of Ethereum-based automated market maker Balancer was hacked in an apparently similar attack: At that time, the attackers stole cash worth approximately US$240,000.

Balancer later said it believed exploiters carried out a social engineering attack against its DNS service provider, EuroDNS, allowing attackers to submit a request to trick users into agreeing to a malicious contract that drained their wallets.

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