July 5, 2022

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Oscar Isaac feared Moon Knight would be 'stupid' and 'embarrassing'

Oscar Isaac feared Moon Knight would be ‘stupid’ and ’embarrassing’

MADRID, June 19 (Culture and Entertainment) –

Oscar Isaac For the first time in just over a month Marvel Cinematic Universe from the hand moon knight. And despite the fact that little by little the series managed to conquer the hearts of fans, Its unorthodox starting point and plot generated suspicion even in the protagonist himselfthat was afraid His new entry into the superhero genre was straightforward“stupidity”.

In a panel discussion with Brian Cox, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston and Quincy Isia, organized by The Hollywood Reporter, Isaac admitted that he was supposed to. Mental Torment to return to the superhero franchise by accepting the title role moon knight On “the level of embarrassment it can cause” after failure X-Men: Apocalypsewhere he played the role of a failed villain.

With Moon Knight a similar event occurred. In the plan, “Man, let’s see if I hit this chain.” Only the level of embarrassment you can give by wearing a cape-You know what I mean? And you’re right there in front of me and it’s like, “Shit, I’m really going to do this.” It was a bit like Is this the dumbest thing? Is it the smartest? Making the decision was a psychological torment.”revealed between the laughs of the actor.

However, Isaac’s worst fears were ultimately not realized. And that is that the Marvel Studios novels have got Approval of the audience who mostly praised Isaac’s workwho gave life Mark Spector and Stephen Grant, two personalities share a body. In fact, some Marvel fans They even claimed an Emmy For the protagonist moon knight For his “overwhelming” acting work.

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After his first season, and in the absence of official confirmation, we hope so Isaac returns to the skin white guards suit Either in a movie marvel universe Or even in the second season Connects all the loose ends left over from the first installment of the Disney+ series.