December 3, 2021

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"Our love can bear anything"

“Our love can bear anything”

Relationship Princess Marta of Norway and Doric Ferit It has never been easier. Since it became official in 2019, the couple He was severely criticized and attacked Who tried to end their courtship but fortunately only strengthened it.

and that is , Despite the distanceThe eldest daughter of Kings Harald and Sonya of Norway and a famous shaman knew how to keep the flame alive and overcome any obstacle that professed her love for the four winds. currently, After a difficult season due to air traffic restrictionsNow, the couple met on the American TV show Tamron Hall Show Featured by journalist Tamron Hall to discuss the engagement.

when meeting, “It was like finding an old friend.”, the princess admitted talking about the first time she saw Derek. But not everyone saw the same thing in your role as you did. Entering your life as a dark-skinned person, someone representing the color of pigmented skin, Being a shaman, not many people like this idea And a lot of the messages he would get from people all over the world would be that they didn’t want us together and it came from both sides,” the therapist said.

Some complications are enlarged Because of the social status of the princess, which Marta Luisa suggested to finish it. “She said to me, ‘If you don’t want to be in this, we can go. I’m fine. This is the life of kings. Anyone who comes into my life and my family,’ This is what you have to bear“.

Marta Luisa from Norway and Doric Ferit
Ritzau Scanpix | Birgit Carol Heiberg

Faced with these statements, Derek did not hesitate to show his love and support for the sister of the heir Haakon. “I will pass with you in the fire, I will pass on the ice with you. I’ll pass anything thrown at us because our love can withstand anythingConfessions that remind her with affection and a smile in front of thousands of viewers of the aforementioned program.

To finish their visit to the group, they both confirmed that, for now, they would continue to live separately. While it is true that Marta Luisa thought about moving to the United States with her daughters (18-year-old Maud Angelica, 16-year-old Leah Isadora, 13-year-old Emma Tallulah) at some point to be closer to her boyfriend, and also does not want to leave her homeland forever, so she will remain between the two countries.

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