April 19, 2024

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Overtime and telework • Workers

Overtime and telework • Workers

Although the Labor Law recognizes multiple employment, due to lack of knowledge, this method is still not recognized or used in the workplace as it should take into account the demographic situation that the country is experiencing and the urgent need to stimulate multiple employment to cover the empty workforce – shortage Qualified cadres in many centers.

This type of work is subject to Article 28 of the law, which states that “workers may, after carrying out the duties of the job they perform, perform other work for which they sign an employment contract and receive the corresponding wage for the work.” Work completed.” For this reason, there are self-employed workers who are also state employees.

We know that even wage income is still insufficient to cover a worker's basic needs and therefore does not constitute a sufficient incentive to enter the labor market.

There is a misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about telecommuting and telecommuting, both among managers and in the groups themselves, especially in those where not all employees, due to the characteristics of their work, have access to this option, which many see as temporary and non-temporary. As a permanent way of working.

Remote work can also represent an advantage that enables workers to take on multiple jobs and better distribute their time as a means of contributing to their needs, favoring savings and community development.

In this regard, Manuel Marrero Cruz, a member of the party's Politburo and Prime Minister, warned of the necessity of taking a different look at employment and integrating remote work and remote work as a permanent way of doing work, and not just as a permanent way of doing work. Something that is emergency or has been left behind due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In Cuba, since 2021, the labor law recognizes that the employer and employee can agree on the workplace, and in July 2021, a decision was issued on telework and telecommuting regulations.

Sometimes these methods are not used and union sections are unaware of the role they can play in accordance with the powers legislated by the Labor Law, which indicates in its Article 15 that among the tasks of union organizations, in exercising their rights, is to represent workers before the employer in exercising their rights. And protect their individual and collective interests.

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