August 19, 2022

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Pablo Alboran and Sebastian Yatra organize a surprise party in the center of Madrid |  Present

Pablo Alboran and Sebastian Yatra organize a surprise party in the center of Madrid | Present

Pablo Alboran s Sebastian Yatra The afternoon of June 27 surprised all passers-by in Madrid’s Plaza de España. Both artists appeared in the capital accompanied by grand piano grandmasters to confirm speculations of possible collaborations.

It all stemmed from some of the conversations they had through comments on social networks This revolutionized the audience, who smelled this long-awaited union. “When will we release the version we did @pabloalboran?” , These were the words of the Colombian in a post from Malaga that made everyone nervous.

While promoting Television And his tour in Spain with a translator red high heels He only provided clues about this potential encounterAnd the “Yes, it will happen when you least expect it and in a very original way.” And so it was, because No one in the center of the capital imagined that they would find artists singing their new song.

with Pablo Alboran in piano and Sebastian Yatra In the microphone, we can watch the video uploaded by viewers who were there at the time who had no idea what was going to happen. A surprise show that made a lot of people stop to see that beautiful meeting they set up.

In his best musical moments

Both artists are in a very special moment in their music career. Although they are on tour, the Yatra is with dharma And Alboran with him theater tourYou have found a place to create and present this new song that everyone is eagerly awaiting.

It didn’t take long for the comments and reactions, because it’s not something many people find they walk into their daily lives. “Imagine passing through Madrid and finding Pablo Alboran and Sebastian Yatra with a grand piano both singing in the street. What crazy!”, This is how a girl from the audience explained what she felt at that moment. She and everyone else posted reactions and recordings they made.

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a lot of others , Those who couldn’t enjoy the surprise, demand it out Until now “jewel“They prepared them. But we are sure that after the moment they abandoned in the center of Madrid, this is the beginning and There are only days left until the date of the new collaboration is determined.