May 27, 2024

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Pablo Alboran, more natural than ever, in the music video for "No Está En Tus Planes" |  Video clip |  Present

Pablo Alboran, more natural than ever, in the music video for “No Está En Tus Planes” | Video clip | Present

Pablo Alboran He enjoys the summer and he does what he loves most: presenting his music live to all his fans. The roundabout His last stop will be on August 29 at the Stone & Music Festival in Mérida, but we can confirm that it was a rollercoaster of emotions for the people of Malaga.

This was explained in the video of Not in your plansOne of the songs on his latest album Vertigo. The song that could not be absent on this tour as well in which his fans gave everything live.

The clip brings out the more natural side of our hero. He leaves himself away for the camera in a hotel room while each of his lines is played. Jumping on the bed, laughing and dancing. He has a great time! Although these photos are also accompanied by Pablo Alboran is excited to meet his fans on stage.

As expected, the posting of the video was very well received among the porinistas. And if there’s one thing that everyone has highlighted, it’s the “naughty” side that their favorite artist shows in pictures. Without a doubt, Pablo felt very comfortable, happy and natural in recording this project.

In just a few hours, this new version has amassed 100,000 views. A number that we are sure will rise with time.

Music is the mainstay in Alboran life. We can also verify that a few days ago when the artist shared a video He would put us in the recording studio to show us how to record his compositions. Judging from his expression, there was no doubt that this gave him a unique feeling. The feeling that also goes from the stage.

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