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Pamela Franco and what she earns in a weekend partying after scandal with Christian Cueva

Pamela Franco and what she earns in a weekend partying after scandal with Christian Cueva

Pamela Franco and what she makes on a weekend party after scandal with Christian Cueva. USA TODAY.

Pamela Franco It is still being talked about, due to its close association with the Peruvian footballer. Christian Cueva, who just separated from his wife Pamela Lopez After 12 years together and three kids together.

In recent days, her name has been mentioned and has been on more than one cover because she has not yet come out to confirm whether she is in a love relationship with the popular star. “Aladdin”The chosen one is expected to be the person who hosted his lavish birthday party held on July 2 at a ranch in Pachacamac.

but, Pamela Franco He doesn’t stop working and this weekend alone he had three presentations, two in Trujillo and one in Chosica. According to “America Today”A cumbia singer could have been born for one weekend. 50 thousand subs.

As you may remember, in February of this year, Pamela Franco He was a victim of marital infidelity on the part of Christian Dominguez, The father of his only daughter, he had several wives, and his agenda was filled with shows and events.

At that time, according to the program Ethel BozoFranco charged 6,000 soles per hour for the concert, and if they decided to rent it for two hours, the reduced cost would be 10,000 soles.

However, that has all changed because now you can charge almost nothing for a two-hour event. 15 thousand subs. Just this weekend; Pamela traveled to Libertad last Saturday, July 6, and gave two presentations. 30 thousand subs.

“On Saturday, July 6, in La Libertad, he had two presentations in Baijan and Trujillo Ciudad and cost us 30,000 soles. “On Sunday, July 7, he traveled to Lima and made a presentation in Carabongo, Chosica and also charged 15,000 soles,” he commented. Prunella horna.

As with most contracts, 50% of the total is paid prior to the event into the singer’s account and they send the contract for recording. Additionally, the artist records a tribute to you to promote the event.

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Adding it all up, Franco had almost raised the amount. 45 thousand pounds in one weekendThis price will be liquid because travel expenses, plane tickets or bus tickets are not counted here because they are covered by the employer or the person who wants to hire them. As a result of this amount, she issued an invoice. He says okay.

Pamela Franco and what she makes in a weekend of concerts after the Christian Cueva scandal. Instagram

On the other side, Pamela Franco He is taking advantage of the situation he went through due to the media scandal he was involved in. Christian Cueva and Pamela LopezNow he will not only perform in Lima or Peru, but will also begin his first international tour as a soloist.

The large Peruvian community living in Europe invited her to sing for them in the days leading up to the revolution. National holidays Across several cities in Spain and Italy. Chimbotana and her orchestra will perform in Milan, Bilbao, La Coruña, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Turin from July 19th to July 28th.

Prunella horna He stressed that shows held abroad require a bigger budget, so it would not be surprising if Franco would receive more. Fifteen thousand soles is what he earns in Lima, “But if you travel, you’re obviously going to be charged higher fees,” Horna said.

“America Today” He explained that for each show in Europe, Pamela will receive approximately 2,000 to 3,000 euros, equivalent to 12,300 soles. But the businesswoman and wife of Richard Acuna He was encouraged to increase the figure and point out that Pamela would be paid approximately 20,000 soles per show.

Pamela Franco and her dancers. | Instagram